Mountain Bike Enthusiasts, Visit Golovec Trails

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a city of sport. It is surrounded by beautiful hills, crisscrossed with hiking and biking paths. On one of these hills, Golovec, a well-known network of mountain bike trails has become official.

Golovec Trails

We were there yesterday to hike up the hill and met several bikers from all generations and genders speeding down the hill.

I didn't take many photos of the courses. So, let me introduce you to the area and then you'll find your own way on the official site.

The trails entrance is in the immediate vicinity of the famous Žabjek family home with Jure Žabjek being top Slovenia MTB downhill rider.

Here the fun begins.

The Chair Lift sticker is a joke, of course. You are your own lift here.

The QR code for those bikers who are reading this with a phone.

More photos on the official site ...

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