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Before i proceed, i would like to a say a very big thank you to the Admin, and all the moderators of this great communty and most especially @idyeyo for bringing such a wonderful contest. Your effort is acknowledged sir.


We've all known that if wishes were made horses, even beggars would have gotten good rides.
Am I not a countryman?
Am I not a compatriot??

Ages back in nursery school, I sang the anthem and made a pledge to my dearest country.
I have always pledge to serve my fathers land with love.

Then, it's been like a propounded ordinance to always let the aged hoary bloke to occupy the office.
When will they let us fulfilled our promise as we've always sang as the leaders of tomorrow??
Haven't we waited long enough?
Many tomorrow's have gone by!
We see greed, hatred, lack of tranquility, criticism and other vices on daily routine.
Lately, I've realized how expensive cattles are when compared to humans.
A cow is now costlier than a man who's scientifically proven to be worth the most unique and intelligent primate in the space of time.

The system remains with the affluents.
The theory isn't gonna be modified -"The rich will continue getting richer while the poor will continue begging for survival.

The hustle, struggle and tussle for wealth and power lies in the hands of the already privileged-Those folks were born with golden spoons i suppose while the poor and wretched man is left to struggle with his fate.
His power lies in depression,
His weakness is in his strength,
His wealth is his life.
He takes the life through suicide when he is tired of hanging on!!

They all promised us a change.
Change is a constant phenomenon. Nature will always initiate the concept of change.
What is change?
They brought fake scripted manifestoes that will always be lingering for ages!

I join the host of all the poor Lazarus of our time to beckon on our rich MEN who are well satisfied and have said to themselves -"What more should we do to please ourselves"??

We pray for change 🙏
We need peace,
We need freedom,
We've lost our sense of belonging 😭 😭 😭,
We've lost our lives,
We've lost our families,
We've been deprived of life shares.

But If i'm the president of my country

I have a dream.
Definitely, i'm not Joseph, but i have a big dream.
If i am the prsesident of this great nation
Firstly, i will make sure that there is an uninterrupted power supply. We need constant power supply to know what's happening in this country and how we can get it fixed. Is it that Nigeria as a country doesn't have all it takes to give us constant light? We sure do have all it takes, but just that they've refuse to give us light, so we don't know what's happening in our country. But if i am the president, i would put that in place.

Youth restiveness: you could imagine a country where touts are more recognized than graduates, a country where terrorists are given amnesty, while some graduates are selling cards on the streets to earn a living. The question is what are they really teaching the upcoming? To become terrorist so they can get amnesty too... No! If i'm a president, i'll organize a program where youths can be trained in assertiveness skills.

Too many things to write about my country, but i think i should catch a break here.
In a nutshell,

°TheBLeedingPen 🖊

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