Pickled Cucumbers And Onions for Fruits And Veggies Monday

I'm back with another pickle recipe for you, a really simple one this time. It's my entry for #fruitsandveggiesmonday created by my dear friend Lena, @lenasveganliving, hosted by my other dear vegan friend Katie, @plantstoplanks.

Since there are still plenty of cucumbers in the garden, growing every day and already have plenty of pickled cucumbers, I decided to make a mix of pickled cucumbers with onions. This is also yummy.


The recipe is very simple, no need for a big fuss, you can do it at home and have yummy pickles for winter.


You need 5kg of veggies, it can be cucumbers, onions, red pepper, cabbage, whatever you like. This time I'm going with cucumbers and onions.


Wash and clean the cucumbers and onions, then slice them in a big ball.
Add 100g salt, 400g sugar, 60ml vinegar, 1 tablespoon potassium metabisulfite and a pinch of conservative.

Mix and steer every two hours and let it rest for 24 hours, then you can fill the cans.


Because the 24 hour period is still not up I'm showing you what we did last week with red pepper and cabbage.

I believe you can never have enough pickles for winter 😃

This is my entry this week, I hope I'm not too late with it and really sorry for the short post but my time is very limited these days, I promise to make it up in the near future.

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13.08.2019 05:13

Thank you.

14.08.2019 09:01

I'm always happy to have some homemade pickles! We've had an abundance of cucumbers from our garden, as well, so my boyfriend has been making small batches of pickles for us. Though I think the next batch we need to add some yummy onions like you did. Thanks for bringing these to the Monday table! :)

13.08.2019 12:31

Please do as winter can be long and these are always welcome. Besides, you never know what's going to happen next year. :)

14.08.2019 15:51

Can I please order delivery to Canada? I would love to get one of those lovely baskets. So nice to see you back Erika 🥒😍🥒
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14.08.2019 04:44

I wish you could. Thank you very much for your support 😍

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Thank you very much my dear, I'm so happy to see this 🤗😍

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You are most welcome my Dear Erika 🥦😍🍓

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Thank you!

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