Mindful Moments #6 (A Mindfulness Series On Steemit): How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Mindful Moment #6

It’s been months since I’ve written a Mindful Moments post. When I began this series, I decided on a couple of things: 1. The Mindful Moments series would be an incubator for the sequel to my first meditation book, The Perfect Pause; and 2. none of the subjects I’m writing about would be forced. I wanted to let the universe naturally dictate to me the subject matter and timing.

One thing that bugs me is this “quote” How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything is almost never attributed to the proper person. The words are deep enough to be written by a Zen monk but they weren't.

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything, is actually the title of a self-help book written by author, Cheri Huber in 1998. Lately, this phrase has been popping into my mind enough to qualify for a post (not just because I see it on a weekly basis in the intellectual wasteland of mainstream social media.)

Now let’s get to why these words have resonated with me so much. In my younger days I was a lazy and fearful person. Like a lot of people out there I almost always took the path of least resistance and then wondered why I never experienced success or substantive change in my life.

Committing myself to the craft of writing changed everything for me. Once I made the vow to becoming the best writer I could possibly be many other areas of my life began to improve. Why, because the set of skills I developed by making a promise to myself to perfect my writing skills started to be applied, often subconsciously, to all other areas of my life. I know I will never be a perfect writer but I can guarantee that I'll be better next year than I am today.

Who would have thought that focusing my attention on how to write the best short story or novel I could would nudge me to learn more about investing or even becoming more a thorough dishwasher or better at cutting the lawn? The truth is, it did.

In many ways this modern world has robbed us of the pursuit of perfection by placing most of the emphasis on quantity or output instead of quality.

Putting Thoughts Into Action

Pick one single thing you’ve always wanted to be better at, it can be anything. Something as simple sharpening a pocket knife, or baking bread, to more complex things like learning a second language, or a martial art.

Learn all you can about that single thing until you become as good at it as you possibly can. This isn’t a new year’s resolution, more like a lifetime commitment. It makes no difference how small of a thing it is you choose.


ecause the skills you acquire in the pursuit of perfection in any one thing will spill over into the other areas of your life. The feeling of satisfaction you get from realizing you’ve done your best is both contagious and addictive and it will gradually change your life for the better. Try to pay very close attention to the quality of your actions and attention in everything you do.

Now tell me in the comments below what that single thing is and it will be forever imprinted on the blockchain.


Locking In What You’ve Learned

The following simple meditation will help you to focus your full attention on a singular goal, task, or idea. It will help you to transform these things from the fragile realm of thoughts into the more tangible realm of the physical world.

Find a quiet place. Sit upright in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed and concentrate on your breath for a count of thirty.

Guided Meditation

  1. Inhale for a count of 5 through your nose. With eyes closed think of the one thing you want to become better at. Imagine yourself doing it effortlessly;
  2. Hold the breath for a count of 5. Feel the sense of happiness, accomplishment, and satisfaction at knowing you've done your absolute best and achieved your goal;
  3. Exhale for a count of 5 through your mouth. Envision that feeling of happiness, accomplishment, and satisfaction filling the space you’re in and spreading to family and friends around you.

Repeat for as many repetitions as you like (at least 3 are best).

After you practice this very simple meditation technique for even a few minutes it’s very helpful to linger in that place of peace and calm, focusing your mind on your self worth and the unique skill set you bring to the world.

Did you miss previous installments of the Mindful Moments Series? If so, you can find them here: 1 - Two Week Media Fast, 2 - Worry and Fear, 3 - Setting Boundaries, , 4 - Self Care., and 5 - Listening To Understand

I wish you all a peaceful, prosperous, and healthy week!

In Gratitude,

~ Eric Vance Walton ~

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Nice. My wife is a School Social Worker and she has been working on mindfulness techniques with some of her students. Things like belly breathing and all of that. Good stuff.

19.02.2020 20:05

That's awesome! We need more of that in schools. It really works. The younger people learn, the better!

19.02.2020 20:10

I do that with my students, it's best ever!

19.02.2020 23:39

It’s wonderful that you’re doing this. Thanks!

21.02.2020 16:19

I am a student Sr @ericvancewalton
I run Steemit in addition to study..
It's helpful earn study 😉😉.

19.02.2020 21:16

Beautiful article dear .

20.02.2020 04:50


21.02.2020 16:21

Hello Eric? How are u doing? I am impressed reading your writing about having to have the skills for life to be successful. I totally agree with you. Without skills it will be very difficult to make a living to survive. although at a young age you were a bit lazy and didn't like challenging work, but I'm sure you have skills that not everyone has. Not all can be great writers like you. Have a nice day, sir.

20.02.2020 07:30

Thanks Eliana, I appreciate the kind words! Have a wonderful day!

21.02.2020 16:21

Hi, this is @fenngen on behalf of the Natural Medicine Community. Brilliant exercise, upvoted and resteemed.

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20.02.2020 14:38

Thank you!

21.02.2020 16:21

Wonderful post @ericvancewalton.

I love this statement.

This isn’t a new year’s resolution, more like a lifetime commitment. It makes no difference how small of a thing it is you choose.

In my #mindfulmonday posts I encourage this behavior. Taking baby steps is essential. Too many times with dreams and goals we jump in head first only to end up with failure. Granted there are times where a leap of faith may take place. On the whole it's the small actions that will get you to your goal.

I would like to invite you to #mindfullife community which is a part of @naturalmedicine. It is dedicated to a mindfulness lifestyle. We have 2 meditation groups on Wednesdays and Saturdays lead by @bewithbreath in our Discord Channel Discord.

23.02.2020 16:36

Thank you so much! I agree that there’s a time for baby steps and times for more drastic measures. I will definitely check out your community. Thanks again!

24.02.2020 04:10