My Weekly Choice: 'Kelapa Muda and Rujak Pantai Ujong Blang'


Celebrating the anniversary definitely requires a festive atmosphere and fun, the beach becomes one of the cool places to spend celebration time with friends until near dusk while enjoying the panoramic views of the waves coming from the ocean.


Ujong Blang Beach is one of the most visited tourist destinations on weekends, along the beach there is a cafe that provides a variety of food and drinks, but Kelapa Muda and Rujak (Aceh Salad)are the favorites here.


Enjoying Kelapa Muda and Rujak is a must to do when you are at the beach, especially in the atmosphere of celebrating my son birthday with friends, incidentally today my son has a 5 year anniversary, Ujong Blang Beach is a destination to celebrate with friends and family.


There are dozens of cafes lined up on the coast of Ujong Blang, but I chose the 'Cafe Pantai Biru', this place has indeed become a my favorite if it is on the beach of Ujong Blang, in addition to its friendly owner, extensive vehicle parking is also a priority.


Coincidentally, today is a group, we have to order a large place, but that is not a problem, the Cafe Pantai Biru is quite extensive if the event is held, and the place is very comfortable.


We ordered a typical menu here, Kelapa Muda and Rujak, it has become a necessity for a pair of drinks and food to be ordered here, for the two types of drinks and food you only need to pay IDR 20,000.

Kelapa Muda & Rujak Menus at Ujong Blang Beach
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Glad to be here today, besides celebrating with friends, children can also play on the beach all day with their friends and our bussines with busy life (Moms' attitude), enjoying Kelapa Muda and Rujak while chatting.


Restaurant Information

Cafe Pantai Biru
Hagu Barat Laut, Banda Sakti, Lhokseumawe City, Aceh 23122, Indonesia

My Weekly Choice: 'Kelapa Muda and Rujak Pantai Ujong Blang'
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Best wishes for the anniversary.
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