Martabak Telur, the famous street food in Aceh


If you visit Aceh province of Indonesia, you will find Martabak Telur outlets in every city in the province, I call it the country of 1001 Martabak Telur outlets.

Martabak Telur is one of the favorite street food here, it is not surprising that every restaurant and cafe overhang is available with a Martabak Telur stall.

Martabak Telur is a kind of omlet, it's only served in a slightly different way, Martabak Telur is cook with rolled bread (thin bread made from flour, usually square).

For one portion of Martabak Telur, usually two egg seeds are used as a mixture, then add a little cabbage, chili, and onion. egg mixture manually until evenly distributed, then cook on a flat frying pan.

This time I was in Bangladesh Martabak Telur, named Bangladesh Martabak Telur because this one street food sells in the Mie Bangladesh line (One of the famous Mie Aceh centers in my City).

Street food here is the most senior among other Martabak Telur traders in my city, He has been selling here since I was in elementary school, and this Martabak Telur is my favorite street food.

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You could see how old the Master Chief of Martabak Telur, the street food since he wasa young man untill now.

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Martabak Telur ready for my menus in the afternoon, while enjoying my telenovela channels at home

Restaurant Information

Martabak Bangladesh
Pusong Baru, Banda Sakti, Lhokseumawe City, Aceh, Indonesia

Martabak Telur, the famous street food in Aceh
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