This Week Choice: Nasi Campur "Bahari" resto & cafe


Nasi Campur is a typical of Indonesian food, called Nasi Campur because the menu and rice are mixed at once, usually in the field at night and during the day, familiar Indonesians call it Nasi Padang also. The menu on Nasi Campur as usual; Rice,Sambalado, Rendang Padang, Sambal Cabe Ijo, and many of fresh fish there.

Nasi Campur is available in various stalls in our city, but Bahari restaurant & cafe serves it in a different atmosphere, the beach is a special place, especially at dusk, the surrounding panorama will add to your appetite.

Bahari restaurant & cafe provides a variety of traditional food menus, one of which is theNasi Campur menu, while also providing a variety of seafood menus as well as fresh drinks and various fruit juices.

In addition to providing a traditional dishes. interestingly you have to serve yourself, yes right, the food that is served is taken by your self in a place that is already available, then the waiter only gives the price bill according to what is on your plate menus.

Bahari restaurant & cafe located on Jalan Samudera, Lhokseumawe City, located directly opposite the Malacca Strait, the seashore wind will accompany you when you enjoy the menus here, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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You will find the shelf menus in front of the Bahari resto & cafe

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Served your self with the variuos menus on the shelf menus, all of menus are the Indonesian traditional food

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Spicy taste are dominan here, like you know many of Indonesian food is the natural spicy taste on.

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take your seat and enjoy the panoramic here, I tell you the dinner is the romantic atmosphere here, do not missing it

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Restaurant Information

Bahari resto & cafe
South Hagu, Banda Sakti, Lhokseumawe City, Aceh 23122, Indonesia

This Week Choice: Nasi Campur "Bahari" resto & cafe
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