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Sate Padang is one of the favorite culinary in Indonesia, you can easily find it anywhere, especially this one food is often one of the street food in various regions. In my city, I live also find in various culinary stalls.


Sate Padang, satay made from chicken and served with rice cake and given Padang spices and nuts that have traditional flavors of Indonesian specialties.

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This time it was an afternoon dessert that I found on Jalan Darussalam, Lhokseumawe city. Sate Padang is known to originate from Padang, one of the provinces in Indonesia. Sate Padang has two variants of seasoning, Padang seasoning and peanut seasoning, I more often order to mix both, namely Padang and Peanut seasonings.


This culinary has a relatively cheap price, it only costs IDR 10,000 and you can enjoy one of these Indonesian specialties.

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Not too special, Padang satay traders usually use motorized pedicabs to peddle their wares, besides that there is also a street stall on the porch of the usual shops.


I brought home two packs of Padang satay, and the savory taste made it one of the favorites to take home and be served at home with the family.


Restaurant Information

Sate Padang
Jl. Darussalam, Kp. Jawa Baru, Banda Sakti, Kota Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia

Takeaway: Sate Padang
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