Is vaccination a solution of corona virus?

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Novel coronavirus, as named by the scientists is a creator of health condition which can be fatal for humans and it has killed over 2.8 million people all over the world so far. Scientists are trying hard to develop an effective and safe vaccine for it but, the virus changes its genome structure at a rapid rate and even some of its strains have become difficult to diagnose. One of its strain is so much mysterious that it remains undetected even through RT=PCR test. It is a very alarming situation and so far nothing can be said about for how long this situation remains.

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Covid -19 is a deadly disease and it has no effective cure so far. Hence, only vaccination is a hope against it. Various pharma companies have developed vaccines for treatment of this deadly disease. These vaccines have been developed in a hurry and the life cycle of development of a vaccine has been cut too much in order to fight against the virus. So these vaccines are full of problems as well. They are not fully tested and even the most effective of them have only 95 % effectiveness against the virus. It means about 5% would still be remained unprotected. It is a big problem. Many people have become ill because of vaccination and some of them even developed Covid. So, vaccines are not free from side effects and shortcomings.

Apart from it the virus is continuously changing its genetic material and have changed significantly. So, we are not in a state to make vaccine for every strain of the virus. This is a big problem with the virus. Also, people already affected by the virus has become ill again of the disease. So, herd immunity or self immunity is also not working. In this situation we have become clueless about everything happening around us. We need to develop effective vaccines and also the cycle of the spreading of the virus must be stopped. Wearing mask, regular washing of hands, restricting outdoor activities are necessary in this situation. Apart from it we should also not forget that lockdown is a solution. Lockdown was a failure and it caused destruction of economy. Therefore, we should not stop our economic activities and also should be careful about the spreading of the virus. Vaccination is not meant to be careless. It can save us for a while but, cannot eradicate the virus and is not a guarantee against the vaccine. That's why being cautious and responsible is the only hope for us.

Be wise, be safe.

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