If you are against paying taxes, you should take legal action, show civil disobedience, found a movement. It means risking your existence for what you stand for, risking consequences. You may assume that you are arguing in a majority who are also all against taxes, but that is a common misconception.

Don Quichotte, Creative Commons licence

Those who are really against taxes will do anything to avoid paying them.

But nobody has claimed that not agreeing with an existing concept of a society at the same time this disagreement also leads to a change, so to speak. There weren't and won't be people who did and will not risk anything to bring about a change in concepts and views. All those who risk something can actually lose their lives, their freedom or their reputation. Or "only" their friends.

There is no guarantee that your concern will be successful. There is no guarantee that you will find sufficient support for your endeavor.

If, after these considerations, you still believe that you do not want to pay taxes, you should consequently take a risk. If you are not willing to take such a risk, no one will take you seriously in your opposition to taxes. Then you seem to be a phoney, someone who thinks he is disobedient or who would make a valid argument, even though he is expressing an opinion. In fact, you are in good company of many complaints. It's opinionating but not civil disobedience. An opinion is an opinion. It doesn't create a visible disobedience.

Change means making an effort.

If you look at it that way, you might well say: For an issue like taxes, should I risk all that?

So this is often not a conscious "knowledge" at all, but an unconscious "knowledge", indirectly expressed by the fact that we do not risk something of which we assume otherwise some benefit. Which we are reluctant to admit when we speak unilaterally of "theft".

In this respect, one can call it hypocrisy: the complaint one-sidedly about this or that topic, but unfollowed by consistent action, consistent resistance, and possibly not only without success in doing so, but in remaining tongue-tied in actions.

We have to agree to sometimes disagree and differ and yet support our common enterprise as long as it is legitimate. You use the roads; the police ensure your safety; your home is protected by the fire brigade; you are trained by schools; you are treated by doctors who are paid by society and trained by universities, and so on. All this is expensive and without this infrastructure you could not possibly live. So you have an obligation to society to do your part.

As mentioned before, this obligation is contestable. Thoreau thought that the time had come when his country started an immoral war. Gandhi saw the sheer injustice of the colonial government as the trigger. But neither of them would have withdrawn from this obligation simply because of a disagreement with the ruling politicians. And I think that's right.

So as long as you think that your government as a whole is morally legitimate, you should pay your taxes; if you don't agree, then you refuse to pay your taxes, make it public, and use your protest and accusation against you as a means to advance your cause.

Quote from Philosopher Jay Garfield
Source: translated from German Why should I pay taxes

"... neither of them would have withdrawn from this obligation simply because of a disagreement with the ruling politicians..." I think this specific sentence has some fire in it. Read here something about "service".

So if I were to use a moral scale as a yardstick for my government and had to set my number on a scale of 0-10, what number would I come up with?

In principle, we all have some kind of sensor for this morality. Whether it works objectively, of course, is another matter.

I personally would give my German government a 6-7. This means that I see no reason for civil disobedience that would go so far as to endanger my life and existence. However, I do see many things critically, including the privatisation of hospitals, for example. That gets a low number on my moral scale. But it's still embedded into the whole scaling. Which does not motivate me enough to build up civil disobedience for that matter. Except avoiding hospitals.

Someone who seriously wants to attack religious oppression morally, can he refer to the principles of oppression and say, "I got caught in this unfortunate concept because it kept me captive. Shame on the guilty ones." (?) Those who see that they are oppressed can fight against it and will risk their lives, may neglect their children, may offend their friends and family who may see this issue differently.

The Pious Helene/ Wilhelm Busch

There are a hundred and one reasons for not giving up one's children, for not messing with the social environment and for not putting oneself in danger. However, if you don't want and don't dare to do this, you can't really find guilty people without letting yourself be put off by the fact that you have decided not to risk your skin.

For my country, I see a decline in religious oppression and attribute it to the past times. I have inherited some of the religious morals through my parents but I am free to choose my believes and I am not forced to participate in the church.

There are failed and successful role models in our human history.

But all of them have risked their skin. They have fought for their cause under the most difficult conditions. Whether this is Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Thích Quảng Đức, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Dian Fossey or Julian Assange (of whom it is still unclear what will be attributed to him later). Michael Reynolds, for example, has been struggling with courts for years because he wanted to build his Earthships. It gave him pain over pain. See his story here (The garbage collector).

Recently, such role models have been asked for. The fact that there seem to be few of them has perhaps to do with the question of what one actually wants to accuse governments or other responsible parties of, at a time when material prosperity has taken on a strange dimension.

Susan La Flesche Picotte († 1915), was the first Indian woman in the USA to earn a doctorate (Dr. med.)

In my country, people can eat, live and heat very well.

At around 1300 euros a month, a single person can afford everything he needs to live. One even speaks of poverty at such a sum. But we must not forget that we are surrounded by wealth.
This surrounding wealth is already noticeable when throwing away or putting everyday objects on the street. In the unloading of food at the back exits of supermarkets, at the simple flea market exchanges on- and offline. There are countless opportunities to get by in a rich environment with very little income. It takes effort but is not impossible.

There is the statement that everything that goes beyond the minimum for living has actually no special added value for a person. The unfulfilled rest: It is also called "imagined poverty".

I would like to meet an argument, for example: "But then I can't travel!"
"Traveling" should be synonymous with other wishes of a cultural nature. Someone who really has a desire for the foreign world will be inventive in how he or she will be able to afford a trip to a foreign country despite having little money. He just has to mean it. There is a lot of joy to be found in being inventive. Make something out of nothing.

A guarantee for the success of a firmly established intention is nowhere fixed. It can also go wrong. You can lose. Or die.

Two examples of two brave young men come to mind: One took a bicycle trip from German to Asia - Saving Papua New Guinea by not cycling there - with thhe intention of reaching Papua New Guinea. Not only did he risk his skin, but he also experienced many wonderful things. The other traveled across several continents without any money at all. One has to leave behind a lot: security, comfort, friends, family.

Other examples, such as women giving birth in the forest or elsewhere, without any help at all. You can say all sorts of things about them, but you can also leave it alone and applaud them.

Of course there is stupidity. But that is not what I am talking about here.

I quote from one of my texts, which deals with the narration of family history in the context of history, mainly during the Second World War.

Working in the labor camp Trud-Armee was hard for everyone. When my eldest brother asked my grandfather about his experiences in the camp, he told him that he had almost been shot once by one of the Russians who was in charge of the camp. The Russian ordered my grandfather to leave. Grandpa knew if he left, they'd shoot him in the back. So he said to the warden: "No, I am not going. You shoot me, you might as well do it right now and here. At least then I'll know who did it." Whereupon the warden had chased him away angrily and let him go back to the barrack.

Now ... let's just take this in. ... Think about my grand dad. And especially take a look on that Russian guy. What had happened? It's not just something one needs to read over. It was the intention there to shoot my grandfather. That was no joke. There was a conflict beforehand and the humans involved had made up their minds. My grandfather was about to be shot. He had said something to the wards which had upset them. It was a challenge "my will against the ideology". Not: My ideology against your ideology.

My grandfather had to straighten something out.

If you are commanded and ordered all day against your will and you have eventually enough of all, what are you supposed to do? When there is the urge to say "no" once in a while. How are you going to survive that "No saying"? How will you make it happen that those wards leave you alone at times you need it? That you are not always the ideologies victim? The only chance to establish your dignity and their human respect is to risk your skin. It must be believable. No fake. It must be real. My grandfather took a real moment. He gave in. He "won" by accepting to "lose". Not against the ward. Against the ideology. That is what the guard may have glimpsed.

Sitting Bull. Is this a face that is dignified?

A young woman, whom I mentioned once before, fled Afghanistan at the age of 15

because she did not want to be married to a man. She didn't sound at all like she had escaped from a hell, modernity has long since reached all countries. She didn't want to lead a life like her mother and father. She didn't hate anyone, but instead she had a huge desire for freedom. For this she accepted the risk of freezing to death, being raped, drowning and ending up in a completely foreign country of which she did not know the language. In only three years, however, she mastered the German language in such a way that she could apply for a training position without hesitation, with the firm intention of becoming a doctor.

A milder form of disobedience may be refusing to perform certain tasks at work ...

... that are assigned to you by your supervisor. You can negotiate, you can present your arguments, you can demand other tasks. No one will shoot you if you refuse a task. The employer may refer to an employment contract, which says that as an employee you are subject to receive instructions, but of course you can still say something against it or resist. Of course, this can lead to dismissal and to a salary freeze. But here too, it is never a game without risk. But what good experience, when you succeeded!

One day my ex-boss came by my desk, where I was just packing my things and was about to leave.

He clicked his tongue and said, "You never work overtime, do you?" I said, "Is there something you want to complain about? Like my work? I won't work overtime unless you can prove that I'm doing a bad job. Since you can't do it, I can't see that I'm working overtime just to please you." I think he left muttering to himself. Later, however, it turned out that he respected me, even though he had repeatedly tried to give me orders that went beyond my work ethic, which I refused. He even gave me a severance pay at the end, which I demanded from him for reasons of fairness, although I was the one who had resigned and moved to another town.

I would not be quite so rebellious today, but no one makes such absurd demands on me any more, which I think I want to reject outright. Lastly, there was a bit of a squabble with a colleague whom I did somewhat injustice to, as she got on my nerves too much with a piece of work that I had already decided inwardly to write off. A short time later I submitted the end of my participation in the proect. My latest, noww retired boss said to me that I would always "lean out of the window very far". This did not cause her to give me notice or treat me badly.

Life on the edge

... is actually one of the things we like to see in films and from where we get inspiration. Life on the risk side of existence is basically a beautiful life. You lose a lot in the course of time, but on the other side you often win something unexpected.

Some things don't change that you think should change. Those who risk their lives in the present may never experience change. But they can assume that there will be one in which they will be reminded later. Maybe not in person, but in the spirit of a movement that, if it tells enough good stories, will gain strength.

I am a story seeker.

I have already collected so many and experienced some things myself. The deepest valleys that I walked through have been the strongest sources of strength for me afterwards. Often I did not see that in that moment of uncertainty and suffering.

Share with me your episode or someone else's story that you think has power.

Picture Sources:

Don Quichotte: Von Honoré Daumier - Eigenes Werk Yelkrokoyade, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Die Fromme Helene: Von Deutsche Bundespost - scanned by NobbiP, Gemeinfrei,

Susan La Flesche Picotte: This image was found at The National Library of Medicine., Gemeinfrei,

Sitting Bull: D. F. Barry - Dieses Bild ist unter der digitalen ID cph.3a06022 in der Abteilung für Drucke und Fotografien der US-amerikanischen Library of Congress abrufbar. Diese Markierung zeigt nicht den Urheberrechtsstatus des zugehörigen Werks an. Es ist in jedem Falle zusätzlich eine normale Lizenzvorlage erforderlich. Gemeinfrei,

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I totally agree with you. The only way to stand for something for real, is to take it to the ultimate consequences. It is not necessary to do it publicly, but if it is necessary to do it, otherwise, and expressing opinions only, an incongruous personality will be carried out and perhaps even a contradiction.

Actually all people must have values ​​for which we must be willing to give everything. Thus, simple life not worth, but life in its correct conditions. Of course, I take it to the extreme, but it is the same thread of thoughts.

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That's right. I think I know what you mean. There's a danger that if you go public with what you're doing, it could turn out the opposite. But some things cannot be achieved quietly because you need supporters for something. Unfortunately, supporters can often behave differently than the initiator intended. Many words are twisted or led to the absurd. So you have to mean it really seriously in order not to produce a negative uprising. But it must not be the intention to manipulate the masses or something similar. People often misunderstand that they want to harness the many for themselves and demand something that they themselves would not want to risk their own skin. There the very essential step is missing. Often people also understand such a role taking as a call to hatred and war. The one who goes into public must be really sure of himself.

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certainly and unmistakeably the erika :p ... i always felt like they should send taxforms with a checklist like "my money can be used for this and this / my money can't be used for that and that , but

i feel witnesses would need to fend for their own money if that happened
i mean politicians, oh dear ;-)

yea, civil disobedience ... a relative concept depending on the geopolitical location and situation - i doubt not paying taxes will be accepted anywhere they probably come down faster and harder on that than they would on terreriztes but

day is dawning ...

i still think you and Ursula would have had a lot to talk about :)

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I do not see civil disobedience as a relative concept. I see it as a real act in every situation I am currently experiencing. But you're right, of course it depends on where I am and under what regime. The girl I talked about in my blog above didn't need publicity, she just fled. Packed her backpack and left. She did not actively attack her government by doing so, but she made a point. Her story is worth telling, like so many others.

I'm glad I haven't always made security my top priority in life. I would regret not having experienced the times of uncertainty and adventure. I believe that the midlife crises of many people are caused by the fact that they have not had a walkabout.

Correct, not paying taxes will produce some tough things.

This Ursula :D LOL, can you tell me where you see my common ground with her?

20.02.2020 07:16

the common grounds on anarchy and views on society ? you don't need to be 100% to have plenty to talk about its the fine nuances that could lead to great debate , she's probably more known for the fiction she wrote but she was a very convicted (euhm ... not as a fellon lol) convinced? anarchist and defended that, its all over in her works too like the disposessed ... "the individual and the state" ... "the concept of property" , "our duty to ourselves" ... ye i do think you two could have spent a alot of time with a pot of tea i do

Life i a relative concept too, if any , heh, im not sure how many people who come inhere to play "i am crypto!" but actually probably dont even know who satoshi is anymore and certainly werent there when the debate was "is bitcoin a scam or not" and people mined it with a cpu ... im not sure how many of them have actually had to spend ONE night outside not knowing where to go or who to call, or even had the slightest notion of considering wether they were hungry enough to just open a garbage can outside a fastfood joint just to take a peek ...

i think the average quantum foam here comes in quite plush , and chained people would be less prone to civil disobedience (as you see it) but more to pretending to be (and believing they are) as you see it upthere somewhere

im not sure how many have had their ass handed to them by a pack of streetscum even once with no cops in sight and friends far away already or who knows what it feels like to have a cold steel barrel pressed against your neck lol

its a very personal, relative viewpoint this 'life' thing

running away like the girl did means that what she left behind had less gravity (social gravity? emotional gravity?) on her than the outside. Not everyone can just leave everything behind ...
My grandpa spent most of the war (2) in a nazi labour camp too, the most i took away from the scarce moments he ever talked about is that "quitting simply not an option, if you do you're dead, so you keep going" ...
If work is disobedience ... i maybe had 50 or 60 jobs, which a lot would say like 'you cant keep one' and i just say like 'they hired me 60 times just like that' (lol) ... got fired maybe once or twice and all the rest was short-term yearly contracts but mostly THEY not paying me in time or what they promised and ME disagreeing with the fact that i had to be on time but they didnt , or i had to do 14 or 16 hour days and get out saturdays and sundays at their convenience but they could skip a beat whenever ... breach of contract several times ... the last one had an NDA which i didnt break but they kept promising tomorrow so i went as well

i dont make for a good pavlovs dog (must be a cat thing) and i wasn't born like this (well, partly i was probably genetically speaking and the fenotype derived from my environment is very likely also partly unavoidable although hoominz call it 'culture' i think)

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just reading you is your signature lol, i think it would be really hard for someone to copy your stuff and say "thats me!" hah

always great

20.02.2020 11:24

The way I interpret you, you live or have lived a life on the edge. There's a fine line between danger and danger. Perhaps you find the dark corners much more interesting than I do and you come into contact with people who seem to be far more querulous than those I have dealt with before. Hard to say, but my nose sniffs something there. ...Besides, it fits the cat very well. :D

Has anyone ever held a cold iron to your neck on a dark street? And is that how you just got away with your life? It sounds like it.

I was in danger, but I didn't always know it. It was only afterwards, when I was told. I had to laugh irritated because the others got angry and sometimes gave me a look or tried to stop me when I was getting too wild. Once, in Las Vegas at the casino, a prostitute approached me, I didn't notice or didn't care and I talked to her, her pimp came and my friends told me to get out of here. I would have liked to talk to him too, but they stopped me. Before that I had a bet with my friends that I would be able to put my lipstick on the bartender. I won, of course. LOL. Those were crazy times.

... . . .I didn't actually have any money problems except for that one time in my life, but that hit home.
When I was at my most destitute, I only had half a glass of rice in my cupboard. I hitchhiked into town or scrounged some stuff at my neighbor's, some of them strange guys. But I never really felt poor, I knew that if things got too bad I could always go to my brother or friends.

A lot of jobs, yeah, I had a lot of jobs too. I was a sales representative for vacuum cleaners and that brought me from there to a new interesting station. Long story. I remember feeling sorry for myself going from house to house in freezing temperatures. But it was interesting when you were let in.

What you say about your grandfather: too bad. He should have risked stopping. ... I know, it's easy to say. If you don't succeed, unfortunately a not very good conviction grows and you think that you always must do everything. ... . . .but, if he hadn't moved on, I wouldn't be able to talk to you today :D

I think you would make a good interview partner, I would like to tell something about you, where you took risks. You know I'm looking for stories like that. Those who think that they are rebellious but are not should hear such real stories. In comparison, films and fiction are - I think - less powerful, although not unimportant. Books can do more, I can see that you see it the same way when you've read so much about Ursula. I'll see if I can find her in the library.

Thanks for the flowers regarding my signature. I wouldn't mind being copied. Ha, ha.

20.02.2020 16:13

wow ... just came back from dinner , saw das mädchen on tv - hope you're not too close to Hanau then (im actually surprised stuff like that hasnt happened in bxl or paris after the attacks ...) hm
heavy stuff ... :| but since it says cinq heures i assume you were not in the crossfire ...

20.02.2020 12:05

No idea what that is about - watching no TV and no news. What is it?

20.02.2020 16:16

y a 3 mois lol ... o dear what was that about ?

my guess is ... a shooting?
it picked up your post i thought you were back hmmmmm ....

20.05.2020 08:41

I relate to the employment part of this. For myself co-workers will often try to get me to do their job if they can get away with it. Also there are scams where they hire you and you are to participate in some kind of money fraud (through transmitting money out of the banking system).

20.02.2020 11:55

I think that once you've done something like that, where you acted against your intuition and you realized it afterwards, then the chance that you'll get caught in another scam is much smaller, isn't it? How do you deal with colleagues who want to pass the burden of their work on to you?

A long time ago I participated in a snowball system, I learned a lot :) The interesting thing was that the initiators were not completely wrong with the way they argued. It was basically a big game, I was parting with my money easily at that time and thought it would be fairly easy for others to part from their money (we were very young!), but I didn't count on the grim seriousness of those who knew from the start that I had fallen for a con game. I knew that too, but I didn't think it was necessary to take it so seriously.

Thanks for relating. ... Oh, and do you have any risk story to share?


20.02.2020 15:31

Okay, here it goes:

I applied for a job installing alarms. The man met me outside of this office. Later I found there was eight people. I said they would pay for training after a
couple of months most of us were never paid. The said company was robbed and although I wasn't involved part of me thought it kind of fitting. The alarm company should have worked for itself... installing alarms in their own office and paying the employees. Instead they cheated me and them and got what they deserved. He basically robbed us all of our time.

20.02.2020 19:51

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Hey! Happy Birthday! :) How are you? How is everything in Germany?

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