This morning I was talking to my honey. At some point we came to the question:

"What would you do with ten million?"

Of course, we had moved towards that question after philosophizing about the big game of life, in which we are all players.

In that gambler's mind, my devilish hubby asked me:
"So what would you do with all that money?"

And I reluctantly said: "Oh, I don't know."
Knowing full well that he intended to lead me up the slippery slope and was only waiting for me to hook up right away.

So I said, "I would have to think very long and hard about accepting the money."

"Ah!", said my smart man, "so you'd already be thinking about what you're going to do with the money. Which would mean so much that you would take it."

Me: "I didn't say that! You know, and I know, that much money can only get you into trouble! Everyone would come running to me and tell me or advise me what to do with it. I wouldn't be doing people any favours by making them think that from now on they have to court me, and it would get on my nerves a lot to distinguish the greasy from the real thing. No, never mind, that would be too much for me!", said my stubborn self, who felt above this annoying money blessing.

But the man: "Then why don't you keep it a secret? Only your notary knows about it, nobody else. You'll set up a foundation and help all the homeless."

Me: "But I don't want to help the homeless, they have a reason for being homeless (thinking of those here in my city who could get a state subsidized apartment if they wanted it). You know how much I refuse to play the big helper! Besides, it's no fun at all. Someone from the foundation would want to do something I don't want to do and then we'd argue and argue and argue and then at some point I'd have to say that I don't want to do that and finally I'd have to say that it's my money and I only want to spend my money on things I want to spend it on and there you go."

The man, "Yeah, well, don't do it. But you could do something with that money, couldn't you? If it's not a foundation, what could it be?"

You see, he's got a terrible insistence.

I thought about it for a while.

Then I said, "I wouldn't want to do anything with that money. Just get together with some crazy people, the weird birds, the maladjusted ones and nerds, the wrong thinking ones and then we'd all just be together in a nice place, a house an Earthship - that I would buy. With the clear intention that we don't produce or sell anything and we don't want to help anyone. We are just there and everyone can research and work on his interest and devote himself to the questions that are of burning interest to him and for my sake something can be invented! But I do not want to earn anything with it. I would run this house until all the money is spent and we were happy as long as it was there. That's right."

Im getting more and more comfortable with the idea of what a joy it would be to just spend it all and not have to sell anything to anyone.

And the man already had a term going: "Ah, so a think tank! Wonderful! Now that's a good idea! Excellent!"

I don't know, I don't want to found a "think tank" either, anything with a name. I want to be alive with each other and deal with questions about what moves me and lets me cheerfully satisfy my curiosity. Only that.

And we continued to indulge in how wonderful it would be if you could join forces with a bunch of people who all don't want to make any money at all, just research and live and enjoy the fact that you could simply exist for a while in a complete bubble of independence.


Now, just in case: If anyone hears me and wants to give me ten Million bucks: You are welcome! If not, you are welcome, too ;-)


Title Picture:
Von Josef Stuefer -, CC BY 2.0,

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10.02.2020 14:20

I would do something similar, if I'd get a lot of money overnight. But with one exception: I would use it do develop a computer game (preferably a real-time strategy game) and release it as open source: real-time strategy games and open source games could really use a boost these days.

Since I clearly qualify as nerd, I'd be happy to join your Earthship in case you get the 10 million 😅

11.02.2020 14:18

Just great! Open source, that's a beautiful thing. Come in, O noble nerd! Now we just need a few more, how about a chef? And, of course, a gardener who's up for geese or goats and worms, just like a storyteller. Or wait: I'll do the storytelling for you!:D And I can also prepare delicious food for you.

11.02.2020 15:38

That sounds awesome 😀

12.02.2020 07:53

I'm an Ubuntu nerd.

15.02.2020 19:34

I am a nerd too.

15.02.2020 19:33

My man's and my plan exactly: we would put the 10 million towards a fund just to LIVE on, together, caring, assisting, leaving free, occasionally putting our freed minds together around a peaceful midst into which great things might flow.
Ideally, we would build an Earthship now, while we are still (semi) fit. We have the idea for Container conversions in a rustic (read: cheap) but civilised enough place. Where? That remains the question. Portugal? Greece? Croatia? Or closer to German soil? I love my independence and am a pain to live with but I do believe people need people and nothing else but brother/sisterhood will save this planet.
Wish us all well, while I struggle to save a parking spot in my street for the gardeners to put up new fences in my garden - the neighbours find it hard to cooperate (and I have even forgiven them for not wanting to pay their half....

12.02.2020 14:27

I wish you luck with the container idea :) Sounds as if something can be conversed there.

I actually stole my idea "saving the world by not wanting to save it" from Heinz von Förster, about whom I again started to read a lot recently. He actually got this bunch of people together back then at a University! They had a lab running. And for the time being, some wonderful results came out. Actually all "my friends", the systemics and cybernetics and related to them provided the after world with beautiful stuff. I am not even half as smart or intelligent but the resources I found, I am using to the fullest. I copy everything from those people I can and from which I can test if it works for me. The other things I copy from other rich sources. I am a copy & paster - HaHa!

Quite a surprise reading you here! Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. do you live in that same house? I have images of a horrible heating system :)

12.02.2020 15:50


With ten million dollars, I would invest them into different things. I would first need to study the laws concerning taxes and everything.


I would open up bank accounts with different banks, etc. I would buy some Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, etc. I would keep some cash. I would buy some gold, oats, salt, grain, canned foods, etc.


I would not spend all of my money at once. But I would gradually spend the money on little things. But not to say that I would make the money last forever. But I would try to start businesses. I would try to buy stocks.


I will try to put a thousand dollars here and a thousand dollars there. I would do my best to try different things because I know many things may fail. So, diversify your portfolios, investments, time, etc.

15.02.2020 19:30