Self painted card game

Today is about changing rules. Anyone who knows me is familiar with this: one of my favourite topics. The best thing is when rules are changed in a playful, experimental way. There is the least annoyance and all people benefit from it. That would certainly be something for politics, which often seems boring. Which it doesn't have to be. But that's another topiic. As you may assume this is not only about card playing. Also some further thought is going to be interwoven here. It's about playing! And how can this not be philosophical? Letus begin.

Everybody knows [Mau Mau](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mau-Mau_(card_game)).

The game with usually 32 cards is about being the first to get rid of the cards in your hand. The cards are laid face up on the table from your hand. If there is a Nine of hearts, either the same suit (heart) can be laid or a nine of a different suit. If there is a Queen of Spades, you can play a different suit or any card of Spades. And so on.

You look at the following moves from your perspective, i.e. when you lay them:

A Seven means that your neighbour must take two cards.

If the neighhbor also has a Seven in his hand he can extend the move and his neighbor must now take four cards, unless he alsoo has a Seven in is hand. The player who does not have a Seven mus now pick up the corresponding number of cards.

An Eight meas that your neighbour misses a turn.

A Jack meanyou can wish for a colour (heart, diamonds, spades or clr clubs).

Solso assign a meaning to to the "Nine": it is placed, the game changes direction and then runs counterclockwise until someone places anothanother Nine. If place tace the Nine, thehbor to your right is again in tu in turn.

If you think about it, then some rules in the card game are actually already rule violations. If you change direction, it's like a spontaneous and surprising change and you have to adjust immediately to a new situation. Let's be honest: You could tell those who have difficulty spontaneously getting involved with something new and practising it playfully to play cards. You won't believe how painful it sometimes is not to get one's act together with the intended card and how good it is to just let this sensation go! No time to mope, the game goes on, doesn't it?

If you only ne card left in your hand, you have to announce it loudly with "last card!". Who forgets the announcement, draws a penalty card, as soon as the neighboring player plays his hand or has put his card on the table. The player who lays his last card wins: Mau Mau!

Changing Rules

But: we have extended this game and play it with 64 cards, i.e. a double deck, from srom Seven to Ace. e introduce now our own creation of the game.

All players now receireceive 10 cards. here are four or five players, we reduce it e it to 8 cards pnd. So that the undivided deck has enough cards to hold.
If you have two cards of the same suit and symbol in your hand, for example two Tens of Diamonds, you can place them on the face-up pile in one stroke. You can also play them individually.

In doing our own creation, we've given the Heart Colors meaning.

Note: Now that all cards are doubled, each of them is dealt in eight instead of four copies.

Jack of Hearts:

This Jack can nly wish a colour, but concretely a number or figure, completely at will. This makes it a very strong and coveted card! For example, I can wish myself a quf a Queen of Heartuse I enjoy the pain of the other player (I explain below, why this could be painful), or I wish myself yself a Ten of Hearts beI hold these cards and want to play them.

Of course, it is always possible that this wish will be fulfilled by the other players and until it is my turn again, I have already lost the advantage. But if none of the players can fulfill my wish (or strategically prefer to draw a card from the deck because they don't want to reveal their card yet), the Jack of Hearts can cause the round to come back to me unfulfilled and I can then place my wish card myself.

As you can see, this is a very interesting card. The Jack of Hearts can only be neutralized and disempowered by a single card: If someone else putsse puts his twin. the other Jack of Hearts, and thereby eli my wish and puts his own in the first place. Sometimesmetimes almost certain victoriee prevented by this.

Queen of Hearts:

If someone puts out the Queen of Hearts and the direct neighbor also has a Queen of Hearts, the next player in the row must take 10 cards from the deck!

This can be a big nuisance, but also an advantage, depending on which hand results. Especially at the beginning of the game you don't have to worry about this. You can use it as a strategic move at the beginning, because you might have received a rather unspectacular hand.

If you already have both Heart Queens in your hand, you can lay them at the same time and either annoy or delight your neighbor with them. Depending on. At the end of the game, however, this is no longer a lucky card shot. One has to fear to sit on the many cards or at least not to leave the game first.

King of Hearts:

Exactly the same as with the Queen of Hearts.

Ten of Hearts:

If you put out t out a Ten of Hearts, ayers at the table must draw one card from your hand in turn.

Only a player who also has o has a Ten of Hearts caten this event or does not have to draw a card himself. If the playerplayer who holds the same Ten of Hearts isast to draw, the other players are out of luck. If the player with an ow an own Ten of Hearts (anse) is next to the player who first laist laid the Ten of Hearts, all olayers benefit from this move and nobody has to draw a card anymore. The move is then neutralized.

You can win particularly elegantly if you playu play with 4 players, hay three cards left in your hand and nobody had y had a Ten of Hearts tod themselves against. The disappointed and surprised cries of the other players are still a sheer joy for those who have won this way. Of course, the others are frustrated.


If you have more than one ace in your hand, you can ring in an in an "Ace round play the ace in a color that is already on the table and say out loud: "Ace round!" If you have only two Aces in your hand, you will dissolve the round as soon as it's your turn again with the phrase "Ace round dissolved". If you have more than one Ace, the round continues until you have played all of them.

During a current round, all other players must place an Ace. If a player has none, he must draw a card from the deck. A second round can also be opened during a current round if another player also has aces. You can annoy the Ace-less players very nicely with it. After all, there are eighe eight Aces in te.

Often this move is the only defense if you have a lot of cards and run the risk of being the last to leave the game if the other players have a lot less cards with them. Or if you're afraid that a player who only has two cards will want to use a Jack of Hearts or another "mean card". The Jack of Hearts, like all other Jacks, is less effective the more players there are. If you play in pairs, the Jack of Hearts is the killer at the end, unless the other player also has a Jack of Hearts.

My man often says to me, "Jack of Heart Heaarts vicctoriedishonorable victories."
You should bring this Jack into play joyfully if it's a hot game, but keep it less for safety until the end. There he is truly wasy wasted.

"Children play with deep absorption and fascination. Mathematicians are entirely lacking in seriousness-they don't give a hoot in hell whether what they're doing has any pracical application. They work on interesting puzzles andd elegant an bautiful solutions to those puzzles. Musicians make series of interesting notes on instruments. What does any group of people like to do when they don't have to do anything? As far as I can tell, people get together and do something rhythmic-they dance, sing and play games. Even in playing dice, there's a wonderful rhythm to shaking the cup and rolling the dice out on the table. Or dealing cards in poker. Or knitting. ... And what's it all about? Does it really mean anything? Does it go anywhere? Fundamentally, the world is a play." Quote by Alan Watts Out of your Mind"*

Nines: iv class="pull-left">

As I said, you change direction won with the Nines. We've n seen two players holding a lot lot of Nines hava nice little roundound of 2 (with aber of other players) and constantly tossing their nines back and forth, so the others had a forced break. If you then combine this with Eights, you may not get rid of a card until many moves later, if you yourself were not involved in this little intimate interplay. But it's often the case that hat the Nines and Eights arll distributed in the game and you then take revenge on the lay-ups wps with Eights. What is so special about these extended rules?

It's more fun! It's more excitement! It's harder to win easily. It has more variety.

First of all, the game is elongated. It doesn't matter if you play with tith 2 or 4 pla there is more than a good chance that you will play through the whole deck and even if the deck has been used up completely, the cards that have been put up face up on the pile will have to be shuffled again. Only the last facing up card will stay there, the rest goes into a new deck. This is where luck (or bad luck) begins all over again!

My man and I played sometimes up to three decks and still didn't finish. It gets really exciting to play this way.

We didn' way.

Upcoming picture of the future: Us playing there with 80 something. Gives me a smile to have this vision of a common passion even at high age. There's something to it: to have a mutual hobby which seems important for couples.

We didn', of course, but experience shows that this game is still an excellent mix of luck and strategy. Neither can the game be manipulated by strategic moves alone, nor is it just a matter of luck. That's what makes it so appealing. When using only 32 cards, I have the impression that luck plays a bit more of a role. That makes it a little less interesting in my eyes. Since our variant has more cards with a special meaning, it also results in more interesting moves.

It has been shown that the Queen of Hearts and the King of Hearts are used much more frequently by four players, as you play them much more lightly than if you only play a little game with two players. Except if I use the card strategically at the beginning (with only 2 players), it can really make you crazy if you play it in a game with 4 players, and sometimes you receive it two or three times and want to scream or kill your neighbor!

Bluffing is also a popular strategy.

For example, I can use a Jack to wish for a color that I don't even have myself, because the wish often doesn't come true anyway (with four players, with two it's inevitable). So I have often misled my fellow players. Since I don't use the strategy all the time, but only randomly, my fellow players can't see through me. They can only guess if I am bluffing.

At the tthe Ten of Heartorbid my man, if he has to draw a card from me, to touch a card first, to investigate my reaction and to decide for or against this card on the basis of a treacherous sign on my part. He must now draw the card, whether or not he finds out whether I prefer to keep it. So sometimes I just look somewhere else so he can't interpret me, but I have to be careful which card he actually pulls out of my hand.

Previously I had managed to bluff him a few times if I pretended that the card he was drawing from me hurt me, but was in fact an insignificant card. But most of the time I couldn't, so I introduced this extra rule to give him no advantage.

We always play this game with the teenagers (his son and girlfriend) and never get enough of it. It's as entertaining as it is stimulating and we never get bored.

When you play, you often get to know each other in a completely different way than when you just talk to each other.

Playing ther.

As he (Giacomo Casanova) spent time moving through the high society of 18th century Europe, Casanova played numerous games of chance. Anyone who's glanced at his memoirs should know that he had a passion for gambling, and these pursuits included the following: faro, whist, quinze, biribi, primero, piquet, lotteries, and basset. While he would've no doubt been smitten with poker, it should be noted that today's most popular card game didn't debut in its current form until the century following his death. At the age of 20, he chose to pursue the life of a professional gambler. According to his memoirs, "I had to earn my living in one way or another, and I decided on the profession of gamester." Well, that certainly took the fun mostly out of it from a perspective to make a living. But I guess Casanova liked it that way, even when he was indeed good at complaining to be poor at the end of his life. Source

Playing tradition in my family and I got to know and love it from my brothers. There is a Russian card game that I might introduce to you sometime soon.

On the bthe basis of

the classic as well as the changedMau rules I created my own card game a few years ago.
I painted a blank deck of cards and took other symbols instead of the usual game card symbols of the characters: Fire, water, earth and air.

With this, rounds could be opened with the respective element. I really spent some nice hours creating motifs. It was during our three-week holiday in Denmark. I sat there in our dining and living room completely surrounded by glass and painted the motifs on the cards with pens. It was so much fun and creative work, which got a significant development in the hours I did it. In the beginning, my motifs were still quite dilettante and not very imaginative, but as time went by they became more and more sophisticated and in love. All motives I draw from memory and how I interpreted the elements. Above at the top and here you see a selection of them:

As you can see, they are not perfect. And the color of the pen blurs over time on the smooth card surface. But nothing is for eternity and it was great pleasure to paint the cards and spend hours of the day or evening working on them.

I hope, I was able to inspire you to do your own projects and creations with what the world offers you as "already done". But when you take a closer look it often enough is not done yet, neither couldn't be changed in the way you like it better.

Have a good weekend, all of you.


photo-sources: erh.germany


Copyright of my card game invention: all rights reserved. f yserved. If you iny my card game, give me notice. I would appreciate cooperation. Thank yon. Thank you.

Just some other cards I played with drawing my version of Kings and Queens :)

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Nice work here!!! I love playing card games.

06.07.2019 20:23

Thanks for re-steeming this blog post. Will you try it out? I mean, the card game? Have you ever played Mau Mau? Please, give me a report how it went in case, you are going to play.

07.07.2019 18:40

Interesting game, it is a creative and fun work to put into practice. It reminded me of an occasion when I was dissatisfied with the monopoly, because the way the game worked was not "correct" and gave the wrong idea of ​​how the market works, so I decided to create my own version, although that was an unfinished project.

Nice reading as always.

07.07.2019 13:22

HaHa!! That's so typical of you that you just named Monopoly as an example and found it inconsistent. I never liked this game and maybe I played it twice in my life. It bores me because at some point it loses its surprise effect and soon it seems to be clear how the whole thing will end. I always find the balance between strategy and luck important in games. If it's not there, it becomes either unpredictable or absolutely predictable.

But then I would be interested in your personal Monopoly version. And the design. It's nice to hear from you. Best regards!

07.07.2019 18:44

I love your cards!! works of art. Truly interpretive and original. You can keep the commercial sort. I'll take yours and be so distracted by their charm that I won't be able to focus on the game.
It is amazing that you take the time. Some people think there is not enough time to do a project like this. But, this is what time is for. Yes, we must work, but then have adventure. Stop. Think. Look. Create.
I never played cards, except for War, which is the stupidest game on earth, designed for children. All you do is through cards down in order and top value wins. Pure chance. No player skill at all.

True cards, games of strategy, I never learned. My husband is quite skilled. A very strategic and competitive player. Great at poker. Amazing how we all have different skill sets, different native abilities.

He writes few words, and does so reluctantly. But plays poker for hours and hours on end. I write for hours that fly by, but can't play poker to save my life. Funny, isn't it?
So I won't be trying Mau Mau, in any form, but I am entranced by your cards. As usual, your originality and effort shine through.
Another delightful post.
Have a great day, Erika!

09.07.2019 18:18

Ah, how exciting that your husband is a card player. Poker! What a game. I've never really played it well, although for a while I was quite taken with it, of course because of the influence of my stay in your country. It seems that poker is really popular in the States. I even bought chips in three packs and brought the game to my circle of friends, where I invited people to play poker in the evening and we really enjoyed playing for a few hours and having fun. It was a long dinner table in a very large bright room, because at the time I was living with a friend who has a very nice apartment and kindly let me stay there for a while.

You would learn Mau Mau very quickly. It's a very simple game if you take the classic. Maybe your granddaughter would enjoy it?

Thanks for the flowers for my creation of the game. I am very happy about your praise. I don't understand what people spend their time doing when they're done working. It's still hours and hours before you go to bed. Or in the morning before work. This is often my most productive time.

10.07.2019 19:21

I don't think I'll learn Mau Mau...but I will ask my granddaughter if she will make a deck of cards with me, like yours. Each one designed with a theme. We used to do projects like that. Maybe she's too cool now :) Going through socialization big time. Aware of her blossoming maturity. She's so sweet. A mix of child and young lady. Finding her way, testing the waters. She loves Oma (that's me), but I think I'm a little irrelevant to her right now. Although...she did ask when we'll be having one of our sleepovers. So, who knows?

I think people may spend a lot of time with media...TV, telephone, Facebook. I know I spend a lot of time writing, although I don't have a work schedule anymore. My 'work' is my family, helping my daughter and granddaughter.

I think you are quite unique. The concept of 'wasted' time doesn't exist for you, because you approach whatever you do consciously. You're aware of the moments and the experience. That, I think, comes from your Eastern studies.

Well, I'm off to look at your new blog. I haven't really checked it out. Just saw some art. I have a feeling there's another treat waiting for me.
Have a great, peaceful day.

11.07.2019 00:00

Good idea to create something with your grand daughter. You are a fine "Oma" :)

Yes, adults become irrelevant to the teens, we know that, don't we? The more important it is to ignore that and head towards what one wants to offer the kids. Offerings should be kept open whether they are received or not. It's a treasure you know that.

I wish the two of you a good and fun time the next time the sleep over takes place. She is a happy kid, having a grandmother like you.

I got sick, unfortunately and canceled my appointments for today. Hope, I will recover soon.

The Eastern studies are a great source of getting advice once one doesn't know where to look for orientation. I could use them far more often :)

Have a wonderful day, AG!

12.07.2019 09:40

So sorry you are sick! I also hope your recovery is quick.
Thank you for your kind words. Family (including pets) is first in my life, so I like your comment.
Get better. Create. Good for you, great for us :)
I will see you here soon.

12.07.2019 15:16

Wow :) I had no idea that you draw that good! :) I am not a "cards-player" but you intrigued me very much with this game :D

15.07.2019 12:57

Thank you:)

16.07.2019 08:09