From Hamburg to Denmark back to COPA CABANA

Since little over a week I have storm-free pad.

Means: I am an orphaned mother, whose son is on a scout trip and who suddenly has a lot of time to look around for herself at home and browse through boxes or memories, walk through the streets and finally come home after a four-hour walk.

So now I come to these drawings, which I started on vacation in Denmark about three years ago. I bought the sketchbook in Sønderborg. That was the biggest town near Fynshav, our little vacation hiding place.

The impressions accompanied me on the way to my holiday destination, through landscapes of gentle hills and tree-lined rivers, finally to the coast. I let myself be captivated by the quiet story of a circumnavigator around the world in his book, which let my mind wander and raised the same questions as the author, who looked at a calm and endless sea. While outside on the wooden veranda, wrapped in a blanket, quietly reading; completely absorbing the mood that took possession of me.

The water did not come very close to me. Only the boys and my man went swimming in the sea. It was clearly too cold for me and I stayed on the beach and watched the men go about their business. The next day the boys collected starfish, shells, crabs and other sea creatures in buckets. They waded around in the shallow sea with their pants bumped up and held their heads down concentrated.

What leisure can give you is shown by my small naïve drawings, which on the one hand represent pure fantasy, on the other hand rough copies of what you have seen. I like to draw with a ballpoint pen to create flowers and trees. I have photographed the turned over pages and have a little reworked the light conditions, because the exposure was not sufficient. The original drawings are actually made with a blue ballpoint pen.

Denmark is an unexciting country.

And that is why it is so attractive to go there. It is gentle, not extreme at all, it seems as if not so many people live there in one pile. I can be wrong, because I don't have numbers. I was in Las Vegas. And I mean, there is probably no greater contrast than the raucous Vegas and the little town on a Danish coast. In summer the days there are really very long.

I remember windmills, not the modern, but the old-fashioned ones. One was open for inspection and we took the opportunity to explore the floors and admire the partly old grain mill stones and the gear train of the mill. Such a millstone is impressive! Big and heavy. It still smelled of grain and leather in the rooms, such a smell is not to be got out of a building, which was operated over such a long time.

Whenever we made our trips, either on foot or by car, I stretched my neck to admire the many flowers on the roadside. At the entrance to our small road, at a sunny spot, a gigantic magnolia tree lined the road and I thought: Is it true? Magnolias in Denmark? But actually we have them with us in Germany and they survive the winter.

I must have copied my fondness for flowers and drawing them with a ballpoint pen from my mother as a child. She decorated her letters with numerous pansy blossoms and wrote very long and extensively. I wasn't aware that I was watching her.

The sketch book is deserted since then.

I took it at hand again very shortly after our return, when the summer was still here in full splendour. I decided for a walk through the neighbourhood and sat outside in front of a cocktail bar, which also was open during the day. Already with the intention to draw something, I chose my place and enjoyed in sunshine the slow completion of my sketch.

This is how it looked like from my seat.

Here is the address of that fine place,

in case you will going to visit Hamburg as a tourist:
Clemens-Schultz-Straße 79
20359 Hamburg

And this is how the bar actually looks like.

It changed over time so I am uncertain when this picture was taken. I have it from this source - altered it from color to black and white:

I hope you enjoyed the little trip. I don't have any holidays yet, but since I am without maternal responsibility, it feels like this to me. Strange.

I am already very curious which medium I will choose for my upcoming stay in Italy. I am thinking about taking my sewing machine with me. But the drawing book will definitely make it into the suitcase.

Enjoy summer time. Or winter. Depends, right?

Sketches by erh.germany

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So you teased us with the charming playing cards and now we see the sketches. I'd like you to look at the link here, a painting by L. A. Ring, and see if it reminds you of your water/reed sketches in Denmark. If you look at my blog, the home page, you will see that the picture is by L. A. Ring, so I naturally thought of this when I saw your drawings--especially your sixth sketch (from the top).

Ring is one of my favorite artists.
This is just wonderful, Erika. I'm glad you found your muse again and took out the sketch book. Your son's absence may be a gift. Sometimes we need a little space to find our way.
I'm resteeming this absolutely wonderful post. You're lucky, extremely lucky, to be able to express yourself in this way.

11.07.2019 03:12

Nice coincidence! I very much like that style from Ring.
Yes, my son's absence is a fore taste for times when he'll leave the house. Thankfully, there is still some time left for me to be with him :) But I must admit, I do really enjoy to feel free from my motherly tasks.

You are a fantastic motivator and encourage me ever so often do go on with art. Thank you! I see how much it gives you as well to be creative and playful with the time on your hand.

11.07.2019 12:56

Very nice drawings! Greetings from Flensburg 😄

11.07.2019 05:55

Hey, Neighbor! Thank you and greetings, too!

11.07.2019 12:53

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11.07.2019 08:41

Thank you, dear manual reviewer!

11.07.2019 13:01

WOW! You did the drawing really well! I don't usually draw landscapes/seascapes cos I can't control the shadings cos I get overwhelmed by details (even when using ballpoint pen lol). But you did it veryy weeeelllll! Amazing details! Your strokes reflect the environment too, very relaxing!

11.07.2019 09:22

Thank you. I have difficulties with shades, proportions, angles and in particular with human shapes and bodies. It's much easier to draw landscapes, they are truly forgiving mistakes. :)
Relaxation and a quiet atmosphere was intended to be felt. I am glad it succeeded for you.

11.07.2019 12:58


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


11.07.2019 09:23

Receive my thanks and love as well! :)

11.07.2019 13:01

I really enjoyed reading about your trip especially the part about the beach. I remembered how I collected some snails and shells during my trip :) Your drawing looks very detailed and fine. I love how you invested your time to shade and add many little details to them by just using a ballpoint pen.

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11.07.2019 09:34

Thank you, my pleasure.
Ballpoint makes it easy to stick to details, I find. How the pen feels when it hits the paper is very unique, so much different from all other mediums.

11.07.2019 12:59

You're welcome :) My father likes to draw using ballpoint pen for the same reason. I am yet to attempt to create a quality artwork with the medium. Though your artwork looks tough it is definitely an inspiration to newbies like me =)

12.07.2019 18:13

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Schöne Grüße aus Schottland...... :-)

11.07.2019 10:47

Schottland! Wie schön, ich war noch niemals dort! Lebst du da? Oder machst du Urlaub?

Danke fürs re-steemen.
Herzliche Grüße aus Hamburg!

11.07.2019 13:00

Eigentlich wollten wir (ich) ja nach Neuseeland auswandern, .....sind dann aber vor gut 5 Jahren in Schottland gestrandet und geblieben. :-)
Aber ... am Wochenende geht es in Richtung Heimat ( Münster / NRW ) 3 Wochen Urlaub.

11.07.2019 13:23

HaHa! Das ist eine sehr ungewöhnliche Zwischenstation. Viel Freude beim Heimat-Urlaub. Münster: daran habe ich schöne Erinnerungen an das Studentenwohnheim in Hiltrup. Was für ein feudales Wohnen es dort war und ich die Besuche bei den Jungs immer sehr genoss, wenn man durch die Riesenfenster aufs Gelände schaute und die Galerien bewunderte, die in den Zimmern auf recht unterschiedliche Art integriert waren.

Erzählst du über Schottland? Wo finde ich einen Beitrag bei dir, der mir die Recherche spart? Grins.

12.07.2019 13:41

Great sketches! I find drawing to be very cathartic and it's a great escape from boredom too. Taking the drawing book with you to Italy will definitely prove worthwhile, you certainly have the talent for drawing.

Safe and happy travels! Have a great time.

11.07.2019 13:10

Are you drawing, too? What medium/colors do you prefer?
I must probably decide what I would like to concentrate on. It's only two weeks. .... But the book will definitely go into the suitcase.

Thank you. You too have a good time. Any holidays planned?

12.07.2019 13:47

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11.07.2019 16:02

My pleasure.

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12.07.2019 12:35

too lazy and not enough interest for using bots. :)

12.07.2019 13:48

Woow :) Your drawings are so beautiful :) I can't way to see what Italy will bring :) Especially with a sewing machine in the suitcase :D

15.07.2019 13:00

;-D HaHa! Don't raise expectations. Maybe I will do none of sewing nor drawing. I am very much excited to go there and see what'll happen.
Good summer for you, too.

P,S, when is your next article coming?

16.07.2019 08:10