Photo Montage - Take care of nature. (Fast edit)

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I worked years ago with photo montage.

In this platform I have stood out creating illustrations and literature, today I want to show you something that I am also passionate about.

It is a photographic edition, the creation of a new image through the fusion of other images, in which I intend to send a reflection on the care of our nature, our forests.

First you can see my video step by step hung at the beginning of this post through my channel on 3Speak.

Now I show you a series of screenshots that I was making during the editing process, while I explain in little of my technique.

I open a worksheet and paste the images that I previously chose to which I am going to make the photographic montages.

I adjust the size of each image, open a new layer and place the next image to embed in my design.

I adjust the opacity of the image, so that it looks faint, then I erase the edges, so that only the child's eyes remain.

In a new layer I place the next image to edit.

With the eraser tool I proceed to erase the edges of the image I want to highlight, in this case is the child, then erase the edges, with the blur brush fuse both layers.

Finally with the Filter/Matiz option, I adjust the color of my image.

That's all, I hope you like it.

Technical Data

For the presentation of this post, I used the following brushes

- Autumn leaves.
- Pencil.
- Airbrush
- Blur.


- Eraser.
- Select.
- Filter / Tint.
- Text tool.
- Parallel adjustment

To digitize I used:

- Program MediBang Paint Pro. (Free License)

For the elaboration of the video:

- Background music courtesy of Audionautix, free of copyright.

This time I used the following clue:

- Whatdafunk

Image source:

- Forest
- Child's eyes
- Child sitting


You want to see more of my work?

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Asombroso! Un tutorial muy completo. Me animas a manejar nuevas herramientas! Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos... Me ha llegado tu mensaje!

12.12.2019 02:31

Hola Nacho querido, es muy bueno saber eso, que puedo ayudar a alguien mas, esa es la idea. <3

12.12.2019 12:40