The diary game: My Monday Activities, ended with the gym: 10-05-21


Hello all, my stay here on Steemit has been great so far and I'm always glad I made this move. And I'll forever be grateful to @njaywan for introducing me and all those guys to this wonderful platform.

I didn't have to go to the shop today so I woke up a little late. I came straight to Steemit to check for updates and I found a post saying steem greeter helpers are needed, which I really have an interest in. But one of the requirements is to finish all posts and you must have a "pro newcomer" tag which I don't, even though I've done all my posts(because they've not been reviewed). So I made a post about it hoping I'll get a review this time. This is the first thing I did for the day.

After making the post, I went to take my shower and made breakfast for myself and my dad.



breakfast served

After cooking, I went to feed and water the poultry. We've got some poultry we rear semi-extensively. They're mostly turkeys, a few guinea fowls(I brought their eggs from Navrongo) and some chickens. From the looks of things now, we will make some good money out of them soon and I think we deserve that because we are really spending on them.

watering the turkeys


feeding them


I went to eat and watched some movies after I was done. The movie was "A night in paradise", a chinese movie. I feel any lover of action movies will love this one too. But be advised, if you're not a fan of gory movies, this isn't for you.


the movie I watched

I slept most of the day since I didn't really have anything to do aside my usual chores.

I later went to the gym to get energized a bit. I spent like two hours there and headed back home.



The Gym🏋️‍♂️

That's how I spent my day guys.

Thanks for having time to read my post; may God be with us all. 🌹 :)

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