The diary game: My Friday Activities, exam time: 23-04-21

Hey readers, welcome to my diary. It's been like 5 days since I wrote anything concerning my daily activities. I've been pretty tight over here, with my exam and some petty stuff. Hope you're good.

Today like any other day, I woke up with a grateful heart. I really cherish this life I have right now and I always give thanks to God for giving me chances to live. If you don't do that, I suggest you start doing it. That's the least we can do; to give thanks.

I did my usual exercise, pushups. It always helps make my day full of energy. Even if I don't go out or do any vigorous activities, I don't feel lethargic because of the exercise I do in the mornings.


Exercise Helps

Since I had an impending exam around 12pm, I studied a little about the course and relaxed.( it's not any challenging course). My mates came over so we could do it together, they always do. @solomina came first then @blayforson followed later. I asked @njaywan if he could make it but he just couldn't come, he is very far from my place. He came after the paper though.

We ate rice  for breakfast.  It was almost time after we finished eating so we prepared. The exam is sent to us through our mails, then we answer by writing(which will be scanned after and sent) or typing them based on our preferences.


we always write them, it's better that way

The test lasted for like 3-4hours.. some made late submissions which attracted deductions.
After the test, @njaywan came for some discussions. We then took pics after that( I don't even know why we did that; maybe for the purpose of steemit??, ha!).





School makes you look wretched😆😴😴

The guys lingered around for awhile and left when it was getting a little late.
I went to shower and made salad right after that. I was so hungry.  I ate it with kenkey( I know that's unusual).


Another friend came over with some food, which we ate together. It was nice


After all these activities, when everyone was gone, I watched movies on Netflix to relax( I don't know why I was so stressed out).


Synchronic, a nice movie

I made some calls with my family and a great friend of mine before I hit the bed.
I got another test tomorrow! ( who writes tests on weekends?) :(   .. 

Take care fam....

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l would have to take a look at this movie too. Thanks for sharing buddy

24.04.2021 16:55

Sure.. 🤜🤛

24.04.2021 17:00

i nee this kind of fresh cucumba where did you get that

24.04.2021 18:05

Nav town😂

24.04.2021 18:27