Weekly Report - Starting 2nd SEP 2019 - ICON Sweden

Weekly Report - Starting 2nd SEP 2019 - ICON Sweden

This is report for swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO) operations and activities only related to ICON ecosystem, including P-Rep related activities. This report is "not" related to other operations of swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO).

Weekly Report — Starting 2nd SEP 2019
ICON Sweden

Greetings ICONists,

Early this week (starting 2nd SEP 2019) almost all P-Reps, including us were planning and getting ready for Phase-3 testnet. Phase-3 testnet is expected to be as close to live network as possible for Decentralization Simulation. There will also be Stress Tests. However the Phase-3 testnet is postponed to start on September 10th 06:00 UTC.

Ref: https://medium.com/helloiconworld/rescheduling-announcement-p-rep-testnet-3rd-phase-7cc4363d169a

Phase-3 testnet with node specs (preparation)

ICON Sweden is ready for Phase-3 testnet with following node specs:

  • Bare Metal: Intel® Xeon® W-2145, RAM: 128 GB DDR4 ECC, SSD: 1 TB, NW: 1 GBit/s
  • Additional Node/HW: Bare Metal: Inter 3.6 (Optimzed: 5 GH), RAM: 64 GB DDR4, "2 x 1 TB NVMe SSD (software RAID 1)", 1 GBit/s, ubuntu 18.04
  • AWS c5.9xlarge (we want to test this as well; most likey AWS will be our backup node)

We are dedicated to the ICON network and we desire to maintain high productivity. The Decentralization Phase will focus on:

  • P-Rep can experience the Main P-Rep role.
  • The list of the top 22 Main P-Reps will change systematically on a daily basis.
  • The Main P-Reps will start to produce and validate blocks, and the other Sub P-Reps will standby on a waitlist.
  • The Main P-Reps can submit the Governance Variable and Network Proposal.

ICON Sweden joined ICON EUROPE - an initiative which will strengthen the ICON community

ICON Sweden also joined ICON EUROPE few weeks ago. ICON Europe is an initiative which will strengthen the ICON community as a whole but especially the European region. See the post: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@eos.sweden/icon-sweden-joined-icon-europe-an-initiative-which-will-strengthen-the-icon-community

💐 We give all European ICONists a voice! 🙋‍♀

Collaboration/Telegram — ICONists Voting

We spent lot of hours in variety of telegram and social media channels.

Mainnet Citizen Node

This week many Mainnet Citizen Nodes were found to be off/stuck almost at the same time. Soon after noticing this ICON Sweden got back it's Citizen Node live.

Successfully deployed Mainnet Citizen Node
ICON Sweden

Continuously present on Testnet

We are also continuously up in yoonjeong testnet. We are still managing testnet Phase-2 server.

ICON Sweden: @ yoonjeong testnet
ICON Sweden

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