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Telos Governance Overview - DOCUMENTS

Telos Governance Overview - DOCUMENTS

The Telos Blockchain Network (TBN) is a sustainable decentralized EOSIO network. It is an alternative network based on the same EOSIO code as use by EOS Mainnet.

swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO) is a founding member of TLG (Telos Launch Group). We were

  • co-chair of TLG Working Group Security, and
  • co-chair of TLG Working Group GRC (Governance, Risks, & Compliance).
    We are credited co-author of core Telos Blockchain Network Governance documents. We also played a key role in TLG WGs:
  • Governance,
  • Network Maintenance,
  • Social Media,
  • Exchange Outreach,
  • DApps, and
    so on…

Telos Governance Overview
Credited **co-author** of Core Documents
swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO) ![a1.jpg](

Links to Telos Governance Documents (swedencornet: credited co-author):

  1. Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement (TBNOA):
  2. Telos Blockchain Network Arbitration Rules and Procedures (TBNARP):
  3. Telos Blockchain Network – Arbitration Parameters Schedule:
  4. Telos ‘regproducer’ Human-language Contract:
  5. Telos Block Producer Minimum Requirements:
  6. Telos “regarb” Human-language Contract:
  7. Telos Arbitrator Minimum Requirements:
  8. Telos Blockchain Network Data Protection Policy:

Telos Governance at a glance

Telos Governance at a glance
Credited **co-author** of Core Documents
swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO) ![](

🙋‍♀ 🍇 🤝 **The END** 🤝 🍇 🙋‍♀

ICON Sweden - P-Rep Candidate

swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO) has headquarter in Stockholm. We are located at Kista ICT cluster (also known as The Silicon Valley of Sweden). It is the HUB of Global Enterprises, Universities, and Research Centers.

ICON Sweden (Core Net) is the 1st P-Rep Candidate.


ICON Sweden - P-Rep Candidate ![ICON-Sweden_points-1.png](



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