REPORT - 1st Half 2019 and prior - ICON Sweden

REPORT - 1st Half 2019 and prior - ICON Sweden

This is report for swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO) operations and activities only related to ICON ecosystem, including P-Rep related activities. This report is "not" related to other operations of swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO).

REPORT - 1st Half 2019 and prior
ICON Sweden

Q3 2017 & ICON Hyperconnectivity with inter-operability

This all starts from Q3 2017 (or maybe earlier). We do not know exact date, but when we heard about second ICO of Korea, named "ICON" we started investigating about it. This was the time when we even did not know much about EOSIO.

We looked at ICO Whitepaper and we were impressed by the hyperconnectivity aspects of ICON. When thinking about the inter-operability and inter-connectivity between diverse public and private blockchains and communities, it felt something amazing and we could not resist ourselves to stay away from ICON since 2017. Hyperconnectivity is something that we always thought is lacking in the blockchain world. In most other traditional technological industries they have come up with inter-operability standards as they get matured. We believe that in the new emerging and innovative blockchain industry, ICON can play a major role to lead towards inter-operability and inter-connectivity between diverse public and private blockchains and communities. And that is why we are with ICON since 2017 and never forgot about it and have followed it all the way until now, including; but not limited to these major steps:

  • Q3/4 ICO KYC Application
  • Token Swap on ICON Mainnet (Launched DEC 2017)
  • Feb 2018 ICONex Token swap/Airdrop
  • … skipping lot of minor steps (fast forward)…
  • "ICONSENSUS, the Journey Toward Mass Adoption"

Jan. 20, 2019 - P-Rep Candidate Application

Since, we were closely watching ICON, as soon as we got this announcement "ICONSENSUS, the Journey Toward Mass Adoption" from "ICON Foundation" we did not hesitate for a single moment and get registered our P-Rep application. We become the historical 1st P-Rep applicant who formally registered as P-Rep Candidate, dated "Jan. 20, 2019".

Jan. 20, 2019 - P-Rep Candidate Application
ICON Sweden


Our P-Rep Proposal (1st ever P-Rep proposal) is published here (8+ months ago and may require some updates based on current environment):


**`swedencornet`** (**ICON Sweden** | EOSIO)

Learning and Education for P-Rep

After registration as P-Rep, we focused on getting as much knowledge and education as possible needed to ensure smooth P-Rep Operations. We also looked into development aspects on ICON Network and opportunities related to overall development of ICON ecosystem.

Since our team members have background from global well-known Enterprises, e-Governance, Financial, and Public-Safety segments we looked into what can be done to ensure smooth participation from these market segments into icon ecosystem. We believe hyperconnectivity aspects of ICON may help us here to involve diverse traditional industry segments into the icon ecosytem.

Securing Infrastructure for Testnets (Phase-1, Phase-2) and Testnet Participation

After application we also started securing infrastructure for testnets and participated in testnets.

We had 3 P-Rep nodes/servers deployed in two testnets.

See the public posts:

We tested both bare metal servers and cloud based servers at different geographical locations.

Three (3) P-Rep nodes/servers deployed in two testnets.
ICON Sweden

Securing Legal Company for P-Rep Operations

Well, we have to satisfy local legislation's for conducting any kind of business. Creating a new legal entity in Sweden is time consuming, expensive and requires through paper work. So, we decided, to use existing legal entity that we already had registered some time ago for multi-purpose Blockchain Security related professional services. We also run other Blocks Production Operations under the same brand swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO) [Core Net AB]

Web-Sites and Social Media Sites/Tools

Social Media, Communication & Collaboration activities play a key role in bringing the community together, understand the needs of various stakeholders, and to take mutually agreed actions. It will help to empower it's communities.

We did update and created some information in our existing website for swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO) [Core Net AB] regarding ICON prior to last week.

We also did post multiple posts in some of our Social Media channels:


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