ICON Pre-VOTING: How to Vote? Step by Step

ICON Pre-VOTING: How to Vote?

As earlier announced by ICON Foundation voting feature has already been available since August 26th.

ICON Pre-VOTING: How to Vote? ![ICON-Pre-Vote-1.png](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmQmQJTUViZaY7BRXwt7GJMZ5JhvVAL2eBSxdafY7Zqg5M/ICON-Pre-Vote-1.png)

Pre-VOTING: Step by Step

Follow these steps....

Step 1

  • Click the stake button at bottom left of the voting menu.

Step 2

  • Apply the amount of ICX you would like to stake via the slider then submit.

Step 3

  • Staked ICX can be used to vote for P-Reps.

Step 4

  • Select your favorite P-Rep candidate on the list and click the + button


  • Adjust voting power for the selected P-Rep using the slider then vote.

That's all.... Now you can start PRE-VOTING YOUR FAVORITE P-REPS!

🍒 💐 THE END 💐 🍒

ICON Sweden is an ICON P-Rep Candidate

ICON Sweden so called "EOS/Telos Sweden (Core Net)" https://eossweden.eu/  is the 1st P-Rep Candidate. It has headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. We are located at Kista ICT cluster (also known as The Silicon Valley of Sweden). It is the HUB of Global Enterprises, Universities, and Research Centers.

We manages complex Hybrid-Cloud Blockchain Infrastructures. We provide Security, Privacy, Reliable Operations, Governance, Legal, Compliance and Risk Management Services. We are Block Producers and have active Block Production Nodes in several Blockchain Projects, such as;



Welcome to ICON Sweden

Vote for ICON Sweden and other wonderfull P-Reps 🙋‍♀

Comments 2

27.08.2019 08:51

thanks for the blog. I got a question: What happens, if let's say, I stake a 100 % of my coins, use them for voting, but then decide to unstake again, because I want to sell off or send some of my ICX to another wallet, gift it, whatever. Would that be possible, is there a time limit on the coins, like they are locked for a while, or is it impossible to move them, once used for staking and voting.

Thanks for the help

10.09.2019 01:46