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ICON Community Airdrip: A Balanced x ICON Foundation initiative

ICON Community Airdrip

A Balanced x ICON Foundation initiative


To celebrate the upcoming launch of Balanced, Balanced have partnered with ICON to distribute Balance Tokens to ICX holders.


Refer to this link for details:


👉 Don't invest more than you can afford to lose!
👉 Perform Self Due Diligence!
👉 We are not your Investment Advisers, nor giving any Financial & Legal Advice! Please consult with your own legal counsel on specific legal questions.
👉 You are 100% responsible for all decisions (including investments) that you make.

🙋‍♀ 🍇 🤝 **The END** 🤝 🍇 🙋‍♀

Welcome to ICON Sweden

**Vote** for ICON Sweden ![ICON-Sweden_Vote-Banner-1.png](

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