Nitrous Minor Updates


Bumped the minor version and tagged a release for nitrous. There are a few changes that have just been around in the main branch that I have not announced yet, so I have decided to do them here.

New Features

  • Claim All Tokens, as previously mentioned here.
  • Revive ads configuration. Can set up zones pointing to revive hosted ad serving. This was previously announced here.
  • Configuration: SCOT_TAG_FIRST -- always set category to the desginated scot tag on creation
  • Configuration: ALLOW_MASTER_PW -- allow master password, though this is not really recommended in general and should be discouraged.
  • Configuration: POST_FOOTER -- allow footers to be automatically attached, and allow ${POST_URL} macro which will replace with author/permlink, in use by Reggaesteem and one other that I can't quite remember... someone fill me in if they know.

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Show all comments, but respect muting account of tribe.
  • Canonical url handling to be consistent with Steemit and using json_metdata.c.anonical_url when posting.


There's a few other things I'm aware of that I have not yet had the time to pull in, and if you are a tribe owner and would like them, please remind me, but do keep in mind there's quite a bit going on.

  • There's a more automated badge flow that is already available in scot bot but have not yet had time to integrate, and that will be a nice addition to the system that will streamline the process. This is something that can be implemented by other front ends as well.
  • Still on the backburner are things like speeding up feeds / author blog / comment / reply , and comment_payout pages.
  • Integrating Account history API to wallet to see more information is also on the list.
  • One thing I am active on is trying to consolidate different instances, in cases where there is not as much customization, which will help me to start controlling some of the costs for running the instances.


50% beneficiary set to steem.dao

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02.10.2019 23:30
  • Canonical url handling to be consistent with Steemit and using json_metdata.c.anonical_url when posting.*

Can you explain this a bit more?

Does this mean all posts, irrespective of which Tribe frontend they use, will have as the canonical link?

I’ve been finding the ‘redeem rewards’ feature seems to be slow and often I need to refresh the page several times ... and then when this happens, clicking on links (trending, new, or my feed for example) does nothing unless the page is refreshed.

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03.10.2019 00:20

Specifically it means:

If the app field in json metadata is known via steemscript, it will use that.
If the json_metadata.canonical_url is set, it will use that.
Otherwise, it will use

Before it was using its own when the app was not in steemscript, and that caused it to be different for all the instances.

Regarding rewards redemption, it was moved to be handled by a secondary process because it was slowing the Scot bot down. So that's why there's a noticeable delay for claiming. Ideally it shouldn't take too much longer though.

03.10.2019 00:25


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