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Sufferings or afflictions are moments that allow us in life to pause and focus on what God wants from us. The tests are not to flee from them, but to dissuade us and focus our heart on the purpose that God pursues with them. Actually, there are many situations so complex and painful that we go back and generate complaints about why God allows these negative things in our lives.

Certainly, nobody likes to experience emotional, physical or spiritual afflictions. It is difficult to understand how strengthening and blessing can be the product of adversity, even if it is often the case.
Very rarely do we recognize the benefit of the break in the midst of pain.

The apostle Paul faced discouragement and had to pass many intense tests, but he always believed that God was in control. For that reason, he put his hope and faith in Jesus Christ. In Second Corinthians he wrote:

We are worried about everything, but not distressed; in trouble, but not desperate; persecuted, but not helpless; knocked down, but not destroyed; always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus is also manifested in our bodies (2 Corinthians 4: 8-10).

Paul believed that the trials in his life had a purpose. He considered them as tools in the hand of God, who transformed, refined and guided his life to better reflect the life of Christ, full of purpose and happiness.

Like us, Pablo struggled with emotional and physical difficulties. In his epistles he was frank about the evidence he was enduring, but he also filled his letters with words of hope and certainty of divine intervention.
Paul often encouraged those who faced the agony of brokenness, reminding him of God's infallible faithfulness and purpose (Rom 8:18; 2 co 1: 3-10).

At first it may seem that God's work in your life is meaningless, but He knows what awaits you later in life. Discipline, orientation and correction, not to restrict it, but to place it in a better position that allows it to live a free and blessed life.

Understand that clinging to what you want and consider appropriate for your life can prolong the process of rupture. As a Christian, you must focus your heart on Christ and obey him without doubts or reservations, which often means giving up what you think you need.
Understand that He knows what your heart really needs, and even if you die from having to give up certain goals and behaviors, if you simply transfer your fear and anxiety to Jesus, something amazing will happen. Not only will you begin the process of transformation in the image of the Son of God, but you will also feel a greater force that grows within you.

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@ennimariana, when we focus all our priority on God, our heart will certainly be invaded by God and everything we live is good or bad, we will have a response directed by Him because we are focusing our greatest attention on his word and will and we understand that he who loves God all things helps good.

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