Waiting for God's reward




The peace, love and grace of God be with you all in the name of Jesus.

Waiting for God's reward leads us to work faithfully and fairly before God, even if we have to go through severe storms of life as happened in the ministry of the apostle Paul and other men of God.

Although we consider the apostle Paul the greatest missionary in history, he received more lashes and stones than honorary banquets, and spent more time in prisons than in mansions. How could I persevere under such conditions?

The answer is, waiting for God's reward: "the crown of justice is kept to me, which the Lord will give me, a righteous judge, on that day" (2 Tim 4: 8).

Why was Moses willing to leave the luxuries in Pharaoh's palace due to the harsh desert?

Clear and simple, because he had "for greater riches the reproach of Christ than the treasures of the Egyptians, because he had his eyes on the reward" (He 11:26).

Serving God gave Moses an immense repository of heavenly rewards, although it meant a life of struggle for him.

Every act, word and thought will be recognized by Christ.

Certainly, every act, word and every thought will be recognized by Christ, since "each one will receive his reward according to his work" (1 Cor 3: 8).

If our intention is to seek to glorify God with a diligent and humble spirit, our laurels will multiply. If we simply seek to please others and reap their praise, our prizes will be reduced.

The rewards are not limited to beyond.

Each time you and I follow the principles of Scripture, we enjoy the blessings of obedience: "he who fears the commandment will be rewarded" (Pr 13:13)

Peter reminded Jesus that he had left everything to follow him.

Christ replied: "There is no one who has left his house, or parents, or brothers, or women, or children, for the kingdom of God, who will not receive much more at this time, and in the eternal life of the age to come. ". (Luke 18: 29-30).

When one knows and serves God, every product of his life will be rewarded, either in this life or in heaven. God watches over all our ways, and has promised to reward us justly and perfectly.


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