What is Influencer Marketing? New Generation Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the highest rate of return among the new generation strategic marketing methods. The power of social media has given birth to this new generation of marketing model. Today, influencer is defined as people with a particular audience actively involved in social media channels. The brands that refer celebrities to their products in classical marketing methods have created a brand new marketing model by adapting this system to the digital world.

However, in this method, you do not ask people who are influencer about your product to recommend you by paying a fee. By experiencing your products in person, it is essential that you tell your followers about these experiences.

So what is influencer marketing?

When we say, brands, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest social media channels, such as people with high followers through the experience of products and names can be said to experience.

With the influencer marketing techniques, which are based on the formation of a consumer profile that interrogates and communicates with the internet age, as a result of this, the aim is to reach consumers through the people they believe. Influencers can reach millions of people through social media channels. They also have a friendly language and trust with their followers. Therefore, it is a reliable source for the consumer to convey their experiences about the product or brand. Influencer is not limited to people with a specific audience, because there is a language of recommendation based on experience, far from the classical advertising and marketing language.

A pet that has been a phenomenon on social media can also be used for influencer marketing. One of the best examples of this is the campaign used by Mercedes instagram dog. It is important to choose the right influencer for the brand and to develop a good marketing strategy. For this, it is necessary to know what digital marketing is and what social media is. The institute's online training programs will give you a new perspective on this.

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Considerations for Successful Influencer Marketing

  • If you want to be influencer marketing and become a successful influencer, you need to choose the ones that are compatible with your brand or product that will highlight you.
  • Who has a follow-up audience, social media phenomena, or more regional micro influencer?
  • When choosing influencer, do not necessarily stipulate that it will consist of people who have become the face of social media. An ordinary human, animal or artificial intelligence can be used in the influencer. As long as it is compatible with the target audience and the campaign.
  • Browse the profile of influencers, number of followers, likes, comments organic or not? How do you communicate with your followers? If you are going to work with a blogger, be sure to check out his articles. Make your choice by observing, analyzing for a while.
  • Create strategies for your product or brand for influencer marketing. Determine how much budget you will allocate and your goal.
    Be sure to choose which social media platform will produce more effective results for you. For example, if videos are the most effective method for your product or brand, choose to work with a good YouTuber.
  • The sincerity and authenticity of the content is important to the consumer. So give influencers the opportunity to create their content in a unique language. Let them describe your brand or product in the language they communicate with their followers.
  • Too many followers doesn't mean good results. What is important is how effective the communication of influencer with its followers is. At this point, you can get much better results with people with fewer followers identified as micro influencers.
  • Influencers are highly experienced with the target audience. Therefore, do not underestimate the recommendations of influencers on the target audience. Do not look at influencers as a medium to promote your products. At the same time, make them truly experienced in your products and services. So don't forget that the Influencer is the one you have to conquer.
  • It would be wrong to think that your sales will increase immediately because you agreed with Influencer and you started working. You should act as marketing is essentially a communication process. With Influencer marketing, your target audience will grow and your brand awareness will increase. Correct communication will lead you to successful sales.
  • Measure your influencer marketing efforts through social media and web analytics tools and observe the wrongs in your work.
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