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Have you ever heard about Bounties?

Bounties once were so popular when the prices of cryptocurrencies were to high and there was a big demand for cryptocurrencies. We all knew how companies and individuals were working day and night in order to bring new projects into the blockchain world. Most of the projects were related with cryptocurrencies and changing the way how market works. Advertising is the most relevant part, once a project is launched. The best way to advertise a project is to spend a few % of the cryptocurrencies into the Bounties. So, Bounties are the tasks given by a project holder to people in exchange for amount of tokens, coins for doing a given tasks, mostly related to promoting the project.

Once I do remember, I used to follow up so many projects and I was taking part into their Bounty Programs, in exchange for their cryptocurrencies. So far, in my wallets I have tens of different tokens. the Bitcointalk forum was the right place to follow up projects and bounties. Later on different platforms are launched, where people could easily follow their Bounty Programs and up-coming programs.

one of the is Bounty0x:

I remember in this Platform I joined a long time ago and my first impression was that It looked like an easier game to play. Where you could in a row be part of the programs. You could even follow up later on if the project sent you the tokens as they promise in the given date, if not you could get in touch with the team members via Telegram groups.

What is Bounty0x?

There are Hosts of the projects, which give tasks to people, most of the time they put a limit on how many people can get part into the tasks in the return they send an amount of their tokens to people just because they did the given tasks. And Bounty0x is the platform that is connecting people that Host their projects and the others that like doing bounties. It is kind of an intermediary, which makes life easier for both sides.

If you check in Alexa ranking, this platform still has a very good ranking in the World. Seems like it is used mostly in Turkey. But this is a very good ranking among the whole blockchain projects.

Once you open your account, you must connect with your MetaMask Wallet and than you can keep exploring and searching for an upcoming bounties based on the categories and the interest, or your own capabilities.

If you are a YouTuber and have a lot of views in your videos, thats where projects pay the most. If you can write an article also is a good way to earn some cryptocurrencies. Later on if the cryptocurrencies will enter into the market, you may earn a great "money" just because you did some simple tasks, such as tweeting in Twitter, posting on Facebook and son on.

There is a part for the featured hosts, which is an agreement between projects and Bounty0x itself. You may pay them an amount of money in order to be Featured, so more people can see your project and it can be more visible to many people.

Once you do your own projects you will have a Pending project, with time they will decide to approve or to reject your participation based on the rules;

I really like this platform, as I said it is life saving because it connects both sides. Also now you know what is the meaning of Bounty and how you can earn by doing the tasks based on the categories.
Still the page is in Beta version, lets wait for the Final version... I'm sure it will be something amazing!

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