Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

General Information

The main purpose of Internet is information communication, this is why we prefer to use internet and enjoy using it with different reasons. As we know Social Media or Social networks are now part of communication, which allow us to communicate with our friends and loved ones.

As we know the importance of marketing and promotion nowadays, Social Media has a great role into it. The way how Social Media allows brands, institutions and sales-oriented companies to make their promotions is so powerful. It is easy to share various types of content such as videos, photos or a status information. With the right strategies in Social Media, it will help users to ensure that the products marketed to reach more audiences. Brands which provide services digitally over the internet are increasing in number. They always try to provide services 24/7 with the social media compared to those who do not provide online services.

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In this blog post advantages and disadvantages are explained. And yes, Social Media is beneficial for to many companies and brands as wall as to many businesses. For example, users may indicate that they are not satisfied with a brand, so they can directly make a review about brand. This is how companies will take care more for their customers, since they have to always offer best solutions for their customers. Because it is very easy nowadays to lose the reputation, isn't it?

Social Media Advantages

Social Media Managers, experts and content creators also community mangers are so happy thank yo Social Media. Because Social Media has created dozens of new jobs in our days for tens of thousands of people by providing them employment.
This is how the information flow is changed with a new dimensions. Dimensions enable us to be aware of each change and development around the world instantly. Even following the markets changed, so less people follow it on television.

With social media, people are now more free. The phenomenon called community engineering cannot enter social media. We used to get information from limited sources but now the information is unlimited. People are more free with social media, the way how we express what the think without fear is an advantage. This implies respect for each other's idea even if they have opposite opinions.

Social media facilitated and increased communication between people. The event is now far beyond just meeting your primary school friends again after years. Companies with partners in different cities and countries started to be established, and these companies can operate much more intensely than those managed by traditional structures.

Social media has become more than just sharing funny photos and is now an indispensable part of every Human Resources Specialist. Job seekers were trying to get jobs in channels such as Linkedin, while HR Experts were looking for vacancies on social media.

The structure, which we call Customer Relationship Management, gradually began to become Social Customer Relationship Management. You can easily solve a problem that you tried to solve by calling the call center for weeks with a single tweet.

With the use of social media, social movements became easier to realize. Social responsibility and social media are now inseparable. Tens of thousands of people donated blood through social media announcements. Non-governmental organizations established and organized through social media were born.

Social media is a digital platform that is addressed to the broad masses where the simultaneous information sharing is captured with the ease and communication speed of the new generation web technologies.

In the digital age, where many people are mobile and online, Social Media, which creates a free and original discussion ground without sharing and communication boundaries, is very important in terms of brand and corporate positioning as well as individual and individual communication. In terms of the interaction it provides, it also opens its doors in terms of education, research and information provision.

The news published on Social Media can be spread all over the world instantly, so that we can learn the latest news without difficulty and instantly. In addition, in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, people can talk to each other and make group chats and socialization can be done over the internet. Not only that, you can see everything on the screen of your computer, your tablet or even your mobile phone in seconds and expand your information source even further. Companies and important brands are now using social media effectively to bring their products or innovations to the masses. There are, however, harmful aspects of social media.

Disadvantages of Social Media

Of course, everything has its advantages and disadvantages ,Social media and social networking environments keep our growing youth away from real social environments in extreme use

asocial human relations can emerge from weak, passive and unhappy personalities.
unnecessary groupings and activation can be realized through social media.
A published false news can instantly spread to the world and confuse users. If these are not prevented, it seems that the internet and social media environment will not get rid of the pollution.
Our young people should be active in social environments and participate in most activities rather than hanging asocial on the internet, so that their personality development will be completed properly and they will defeat the habits of asocial environment.

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