😎Words With Witty🎤 - Today @ 11 a.m. CST/12 p.m. EST

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Words with Witty

Join us today at 12 p.m. EDT/4 p.m. UTC (and every Friday possible) on The Ramble and/or on @ramblingradio over (here) on #vimmtv! @shadowspub (who has full permission to use any or all of this for the #VIMM post) has graciously agreed to let me be a host on The Ramble for one of her time slots!

This is my talk show and I love to chat with people. If you come in to the room and have your mic open, I will probably put you on the spot. I try to check on the vimm feed and associate with all you #vimmsters too! Did I mention we stream to Facebook too?? Hecks ya baby - go check it out! Freaky Fridays woot woot! Wait, what? Never know what's going to happen here on my talk show, but a loose agenda considered for today would be:

  • Onboarding? - An attempt from @acidyo
  • communities - Are you being Ghosted?

  • Trump Winning a Nobel Peace Prize?
  • Any other random shit that pops up!


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