The Energi-Bitbns Trade Contest (For Our Indian Energi Community)!

Energi is holding a contest with Bitbns Exchange! Read the contest details below on how to participate and what to expect.

Contest Details

  • Start Date: 07/05/2019 Monday at 10:30 PM India Time
  • End Date: 07/12/2019 Sunday at 11:59 PM India Time
  • Unlock Volume: 1 NRG On Every Rs. 1,20,000 Trading.
  • Peg Rate: Rs. 600 per NRG

How it Works

Unlock Mechanism:

There’s 1000 NRG waiting to be unlocked. Each time NRG gets traded(including buys & sells) on Bitbns, NRG worth double the fees collected from the trade will be unlocked. This would continue until the total unlocked volume reaches 1000 NRG.For example: If you trade for Rs. 6,00,000 worth of NRG, which would cost you Rs. 1500 as fees (600000*0.0025 = Rs.1500), Rs. 3000 worth of NRG (approximately 5 NRG as per the current market price of 600 INR) will be unlocked.

How much you will Earn:

For example, if the total Trading Volume of NRG on 07/12/2019 is worth Rs.12,00,00,000 and suppose then 1000 NRG has been unlocked, then your share of NRG would be:

( Your Volume Traded during the contest/ Total Volume traded during the contest) * Unlocked Coins

For example, you traded Rs.1,20,000 worth of NRG during the contest. You would earn:

(1,20,000 / 12,00,00,000 )* 1000 = 2 NRG

NOTE: The fee incurred during the previous contest of NRG will be refunded.

To check out NRG on Bitbns, click on the link below:

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