2019 June Newsletter

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.
-William Gibson

Monthly Community Update

Energi Announcements

Earndrop Update

Round 2 and 3 of the Energi Earndrop are now closed and we are organizing the final Round 4 registrations for our waiting list. Email notifications will be sent out to everyone who signed up for this round in the order they signed up. Earndrop registration entries for Rounds 2, 3 & 4 will be carefully audited before NRG rewards are distributed for all three rounds. Read more about the Earndrop below.

Treasury Comparison

With Energi recently climbing the ranks of CoinMarketCap, our treasury funds have continued to grow. Check out the chart below which compares Energi’s monthly treasury funds generated with those of other top cryptocurrencies with treasury funds!

Top 100!

This month Energi officially entered the top 100 ranks on CoinMarketCap! We are so thankful to our community for the continued support. You can check out where Energi ($NRG) currently stands here.

Preparation of Energi 3.0

As we are near completion of our largest developmental achievement for Energi, it’s important to understand the significance of this launch and how to prepare. With Energi 3.0, smart contracts will enable things like decentralized shared masternodes, decentralized stake pools, new governance mechanisms and much more. For our transition to Energi 3.0, we will be conducting a trustless coin migration — whatever balances users have on Energi 2.0 will be claimable on Energi 3.0 by initiating a special smart contract transaction utilizing the private key from their current funds. More details on this will come out as we get closer to release.

You can read more about Energi 3.0 and its purpose below.

Energi Recruitment

Energi is going through a growth phase and we are rapidly expanding our team. Our latest article features two Energi community members who joined our team and their progression from community members to community managers and beyond. Find out more about their journey in our feature article below:

Energi Asks: “Are you the next one in a million?”

New Listings

We’re also happy to announce that KuCoin Exchange has launched an NRG/ETH trading pair. For our trading community holding ETH and looking for a fresh NRG chart, here’s your chance!

To get started trading NRG/ETH on KuCoin >> below.

We’re also delighted to announce that Energi $NRG is now listed on Bitbns, a major Indian exchange. We will continue to pursue country-specific exchanges, in line with our plans for geographic expansion, to support local markets for our growing community.

To get started trading $NRG on bitbns >> here.

And for our Bitbns Community, there’s currently an Energi-Bitbns Trade Contest underway. Read about the contest here, for details on how to participate and what to expect.

Energi Interviews

Arcane Bear

Energi President, Ryan Lucchese, has been making appearances lately on some cryptocurrency channels on YouTube. Ryan was on ArcaneBear’s channel to discuss Energi’s future plans with Energi 3.0 and dApps, as well as the Energi X exchange. Ryan also did an interview with CryptoLark to talk about not only Energi 3.0 plans, but also more about Energi’s treasury, governance, and staking. You can find the interview here.


And you can check out the CryptoLark interview below.

Energi in the News

Energi has been featured on additional Crypto-YouTube channels as well! DataDash and VoskCoin have put together fantastic videos reviewing Energi. Keith Wareing also has made a great video covering Energi’s recent updates.


You can watch DataDash’s review below.


You can watch VoskCoin’s review below.

Keith Wareing

And you can check out Keith Wareing’s video on Energi below.

Our Partners


CryptoBridge has put out an in-depth blog post about Energi that covers our economic design which allows for self-sustainability. It also talks a bit about our Defense team that works to protect our user base from bad actors, some of our future plans with Energi 3.0, and our goals to help out in areas suffering from hyperinflation such as Venezuela.

The blog post can be found here.

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