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Mi vida en una fotografía.

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Evidencias fotográficas de mi autoría /Imagen tomada con mi cámara Sony 20.1 Mega Pixel. 8x Optical Zoom.

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Such beautiful picture of a cute girl. She looks like little angel :)

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08.01.2021 17:28

Hello @stef1... She is not a " cute girl "; but a " beautiful boy ".

My angel; only he has grown up and there are few of us who still see him like that... This is my son Rodrigo. In that photograph he was 11 months old and it was at his Baptism. This is one of many photographs from that day that I love...

Bautizo de Rodrigo (40).JPG

The suit that makes him look like a girl is a "Christian skirt"... it is a traditional garment that you put on babies on the day of their baptism and it must cover up to their feet; "the hood" covers the head and symbolizes the arrival of the Holy Spirit.

This particular garment was provided by her Godmother, which was worn by her when she was a baby and has been used for three generations now... It was a pleasure for me that "Roro" wore it during the ceremony.

I am glad, to know that you like my photography.
Thank you for your words and the nomination!!!

twopercent #affable #venezuela

08.01.2021 20:58

Hi @endemikas, thank you very much for explanation and sharing this another beautiful picture. Unbelievable how quickly the children are grown up, for us they always remain our little angels. Thanks again and sorry for late reply :)

11.01.2021 12:25