HOOLIGAN - Koty Kolter Ft. Young Stitch - Sony A7III

I give you "Hooligan" From Peterborough rapper - Koty Kolter. Featured on the song is BET Freestyle Friday World Champion - Young Stitch. The track was produced by Lucifer.

This was shot handheld - Using the sony a7iii + the 28-70 F/3.5 kit lens. The whole video was shot at 120fps to give it a hyper realistic - extremely vivid look. Shooting in a HFR gives you the ability to slow down your footage - which if you've seen my other videos you know I love me my slow motion. Shooting the video took about 6 hours - we shot in half a dozen locations and did roughly 20 takes of the song. If you've watched any of my other content you know I love my Broll - This time around I opted to not shoot any. But again we shot in 120fps..... so essentially we could turn any thing from the performances into broll with a few simple clicks. To say this edit took a while would be an understatement.

I can usually bang out a video edit in less than a day..... However that was not the case with this one. I won't dare say how long this took. I really wanted the edit / visuals to complement the off beat chaotic nature of the music. Kind of wanted to evoke a feeling of uneasiness in the viewer/ listener. I've really fallen in love with experimenting in black and white You'll still see color from me occasionally but I feel like my work really shines in this medium.

As always I learned a tremendous amount working through this project. With every video / photo session I do I fall more and more in love with the path I've chosen to follow.

Anywho - I won't keep you any longer - go watch the video - be sure to like - comment - subscribe on youtube.

As Always - Much love
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Stream THE HOMERUN album by following the link below.

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