Back with some cool content - Paid for Some votes to ensure it got seen....... Holy shit - y'all salty.

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Some one tell me what's going on

So is paying for exposure a complete no no now - or only under certain conditions - Did i spend to much? Am I using the wrong ones? I go to trending and I still see other posts that are doin it....... I dunno some kind of explanation would have been cool..... 40 or so downvotes and not one of you guys felt the need to leave a comment. Okie. I've tagged a few of you below - please take a moment to let me know what's up.

I'll keep sharing cool stuff with you guys - guess no more promo though

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Hey there, with the last hardfork there has been a big push to downvote those buying votes - hoping that organic curation would then have a chance at actually showing what the community supports. Unfortunately that means even those who perhaps are using it for promotion (and not a quick profit) are seeing downvotes. Essentially for promotional purposes many are asking individuals to “burn” some of the reward (set null as a partial beneficiary). This way the person promoting is actually spending money for the attention and burning some of the profit etc.

Sorry there was no explanation with those downvotes you received, I thought ocdb was leaving comments.

29.10.2019 20:29

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I totally get the communities reasoning behind this. Appreciate you taking the time to explain this.

30.10.2019 01:40

For some reason there is many downvote groups that also go around and I think downvote random in large packs and not random , that could be the case almost like downvote abuse

30.10.2019 12:20

No, it’s not.. I explained it above... nothing abusive about it.

31.10.2019 06:22