Rock N Rain

Hi prissy here With Rock n Rain information. For anyone who doesn't already know Rock n Rain is a Show that me and 5 other members do in random servers to attract more users in that server. There is a cost , but in the long run its well worth it. This is how it works ,

  1. You purchase one of our 3 packages
  2. You choose the day you want the show in your server ( at least a week in advance)
  3. we come to your server install our coin (rain) bots and music bot if you don't already have one
    we test everything to make sure its all working properly.
    we promote the show , make a flyer to promote , unless you buy the bigger package then we make a video of your project to promote the show also.
  4. We show up for the show , we play Music (rock) & rain lots of coins for 5 hours in the server .

We have a really good time and the folks love it , this has worked out very well , we have a discord server where you can book your show or you can contact me or Eagle for more information or to set up your show.

We will be raining a lot of the Rock n Rain Coin (RNRC) which is listed on a few exchanges.

its more of a community coin then anything ... See ya at the show !!!!!

Discord -


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