Homework Task 3: Compare and Contrast between a Centralized and a Decentralized application given by @yohan2on

Hello friends, it is my honor to be a partaker of this homework task3 that is given by Steemit Professor @yohan2on, titled "Compare and Contrast between a Centralized and a Decentralized application".

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Centralized application is the type of application can be controlled from the main unit, Whereas Decentralized application is the type of application that isn't controlled from the main unit rather it's and open source application where another users can see the transactions of another users.

In this post I will talk about Steemit Vs Facebook as a two different application under the social media category in this homework.

Stemmit Vs Facebook

Decentralized Application Centralized Application
Steemit Facebook

Looking at the above table you will see that Steemit is a Decentralized Application while Facebook is a Centralized Application. Now let's look at their advantage and disadvantage.

Advantage of Steemit
Steemit as a decentralized application is has the capability of handling billions of transactions than Facebook, It is also transparent in such a way that every users can view/see another users transactions at any point in time. Also there is nothing like third handling your data you're free to do whatever you want with your data. Every transactions are process within a second which make the speed so high. Finally steemit as a decentralized application can't be easily hack because of the different keys that is given.

Disadvantage of Steemit
Steemit isn't widely used by people due to the fact that it can't be regulated by the government. It also give room to another users to look into your wallet which might bring envy.

Facebook Advantages
Facebook is being controlled and regulated from the controlled unit and as well also regulated by the government which make it relevant to Users to use without being afraid if they data will be compromise or not. Also Facebook is frequently updated with new feature, It help advertisers promote their products and services. Facebook has a simplicity interface.

Facebook Disadvantage
One of the big Disadvantage with Facebook as a centralized application is that it can be hack easily once a User Account is hack everything can be changed. Not like the decentralized application where there is various keys with different functions. And Users information are not safe due to the third party in the system. A users personal data can be sell out to and advertising companies or hackers. Another big disadvantage in Facebook is that a User account can easily be blocked from the controlled unit without warning.

My Conclusive Remarks of the one that will rule the future
Steemit will be the one to rule the future in the next 5 years to come. The reasons is that decentralized application is taking over the world as more companies are now getting into decentralized system. People are looking for something that will earn them money for the little work they do. So I think with this few point the decentralized application will be the one to rule the future.

Thank You.

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