Why sleep when you can stay awake. It is in tough times that we learn to live to our full potentials,

and that will only happened if we maintain poise and have faith in ourselves. Life sometimes may be

a puzzle, you don’t know where it will fix you, but you will always have a choice to keep moving

ahead or stay behind. I suggest you should never give up, be tenacious, I can’t understand life by

what it throws at me, but rather what I build with what it throws at me

The first principle of success is to have self-discipline, the willingness to accept total responsibility of

your life, success doesn’t come by chance, the harder you work the luckier you get, success is doing

what you love with the people you want, and when you want to. Maybe you have been going

through life thinking life isn’t fair. Something we need to get fired before we fire up, your

situation, circumstances, and your formative environment where carefully selected to get you to

where you should be and who you should be in life, Robert Schuler once said that brownout don’t

have to be burnout


I was once the class dummy, so dull that even I, had to laugh at myself. I became the class laughing

stuck, as a matter of fact when I stood up to answer a question you be sure of a joke .Those

constant laughs and teasing became the foundation on which I had to build my academic

foundation, I figure out that, I could do what the smartest kid in class could do, if only I learn what

they did and do suite, the secret to all success in life is to know what is expected of you , and

discipline yourself to do it well, better than anyone else. Life is a challenge, then face it. Charles

Darwin wasn’t wrong when he said survival for the fittest, life is indeed a challenge, life is a

competition, that most people choose to cheat, but you can’t cheat nature, the law of karma. I firmly

believe that nothing in life happen as a coincidence, you be sure of that because God isn’t sleeping,

God wouldn’t let anything bad happen to us, without a perfect plan. Every question mark in our life

can become an exclamation mark if we just believe God to do the impossible, God is always

orchestrating something, always. You just got to have faith in Him.


The first thing you need to understand is that you are responsible of your life, no one is. You are the

driver, what happens to your car determines how you really want to live your life. I really got a lot of

setbacks in my life, most time all I wish was a swift death, but you be sure I never wanted any of it.

All I wanted was a happy, fulfilled life, most times I wouldn’t bear the cross alone I would think of

someone worth blaming. To blame is to lose leadership, ownership of your life. Most of our

formative life only teaches us to be dependence on people (parents, relatives, the society and the

world in general. Until you realised that you are in control of your life, you will always risk being a

victim of disappointment and circumstances.

To take total control of your life you need to stop blaming others for what happens to you in life, and

understand those things don’t just happen, the happen for a reason. The sack letter you received

might be a sign that you need to own your own empire, a gift is always wraps up, you won’t get

anything out of it until you unwrap it, that where the beauty lies, but how many of us just stare at

the wrapping and start crying, isn’t that ironic, when the whole beauty is just a step further.

Disappointment is a sign of a great victory, if you will only trust God to perfect things. The wouldn’t

be any victory until you’ve passed a test, a setback, you see those things are there to prepare us for

the coming success, it important we take ownership of our life and do what we really love doing

most. Life is full of challenges what matters is how you handle it..
Every sphere of life has rules and principles one must know to excel in it.You didn't fail, because you aren't worth the position or office.You missed out, because you didn't learn the principles. You totally didn't fail, my sister once told me, "failure isn't call failure unless you quit". Don't quit yet, give that business another shot,this time, learn the principles and be discipline in working hard and smart.You couldn't have to quit after doing this.I wish you success❤
Shine on

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