In this video @emafe and her husband travel onto a floating island located on the ocean surrounding Samal Island. They take Emafe's younger cousin who is able to dazzle his way through the floating barriers leaving @emafe a bit intimidated behind him and the other kids who are playing.

That is when @emafe decides to face her fears, she jumps into the water and is kept safe by a life vest and a life guard who watched over her small dive into the water just in case.

Before all of that though, the family of three is seen at the shopping mall where @chrisrice meets Gerhard, who goes by the username @usveteran on Steemit.

You will be ableYou also get to see the beach located in Paradise Island, a beach resort located in Samal Island and just off the coast of Davao City, Philippines. If you want to know more, tune into the video and see it for yourself :)

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Nice vlog @emafe, the place is very beautiful perfect place to relax, I wish I can be able to go there one of these days..

12.10.2019 05:12

Yeah @markjason, I like it there 🙂

I think it costs about P240 per head 👍

12.10.2019 08:36

Hi emafe,

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12.10.2019 12:43

Thank you!

12.10.2019 19:08

Hello Hello!

When you marry someone of different nationality you can expect anything incredible or crazy because there are not so many things in common to the issue of personality and their experience haha what crazy not?

Greetings from Venezuela :D

12.10.2019 13:48

Yes.. I think we experienced incredible AND crazy moments together 😂

Next year will be our 10 Year Anniversary 😊👍

12.10.2019 19:11

ehy dear @emafe, you had a lot of courage to overcome your fears. even if it seems absurd, sometimes not being able to keep everything under control sends us into a panic. it happens to me when I have to take a plane !! congratulations on your curie vote

12.10.2019 18:12

Yes, you are right.. and I have had a phobia of flying too!

Thank you @road2horizon 😊

12.10.2019 19:13

ha ha !! who knows what happens inside our little heads :-))

13.10.2019 08:57


13.10.2019 19:33

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12.10.2019 22:44

The family trip is wonderful. Thank you for presenting a little to the Philippines. On the other hand, fears are part of life and the courage to face them makes us more human. Congratulations @emafe you have taken a big step with the jump into the water. The child is beautiful! Regards

12.10.2019 23:54

Thank you, and I like the words you sent my way 😊

13.10.2019 19:34

That is a fun floating island!!! I think, it is best to swim around than to stay in the floating island when it is wavy, because I'd sure be dizzy with it.

But I think our four year old would enjoy in that island! Thank you for sharing it with us. Next month when we visit Davao, we'll find a way to visit Samal so we can enjoy in that floating island too. Hahaha! 😁😂

14.10.2019 08:09

Ah okay 😀

Yeah, that floating island is also kind of new to Paradise Island. We went there in 2015 and it wasn't there yet.

Btw, if you want to meet more Steemians, there is a group of us here in Davao City on Steem.com.ph and @steem-ph 😁✌️

15.10.2019 15:51

Ohhhh! That's cool. Thanks for mentioning it. I'll check it out. 😊😊

15.10.2019 16:02

You're welcome 😘

18.10.2019 00:55