Heartchurch to enrich our knowledge and understanding in Christ

Jeremiah 3:15; And i will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.


The power and might of our Lord Jesus Christ through his evangelists, prophets, disciples and pastors we are enriched day in day out in the word of God, edifying ourselves, the church and our fellows in fellowship. It is for this reason why each and every person in Christ receives his own gifting per the will of the spirit that they may edify the christian community, push the gospel and bring more into Christ. For lack of knowledge my people perish; indicating how pertinent it is for one to be in the know, with Knowledge of the Word of God we able to stand firm against the whims and caprices of the devil. The word is our weapon, is our armor and shield against plots of the devil against the children of God.


Which is why i am very happy every time i get the chance to share the word of God on the blockchain for not only my benefit but the benefit of others in enriching themselves with the knowledge of God for the edification of the #heartchurch community. Heartchurch enriches us in Christ, heartchurch makes us understand God better, we learn to trust God amidst pandemics and we remain calm whiles the seas rages knowing very well that he will not let it overcome us. To the wonderful parishioners who enriches us and help feed our souls and spirit day in day out we say ayekoo, thank you very much and may God continue to Bless you. To our father @sirknight, we say thank you for this wonderful opportunity to fellowship from a thousand miles away. Lets make our community grow, bigger and better teaching everyone to live like Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day.


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All the knowledge that we can acquire comes from God because really He is the only one who gives man wisdom through his word so that he can also live in a wise and balanced way

07.04.2020 14:53