Doers of the Word

Psalm 119:11, I have hidden your word in my heart that i might not sin against you.


To do something is to actively and consciously act for a purpose to achieve something. When we are in the act of doing we do not have time to rest or think about other things which most often than not would be called distractions as they tend to lead you astray from you current task or impede your progress with thoughts otherwise not meant for what is currently been worked on. The Psalmist has claimed the word of God and is doing it, acting upon it day in day out that he or she might not be distracted by worldly things.


So to be doer of the Word is to consciously act upon the Knowledge of God, to constantly pursue the Kingdom of heaven. The Word of God is treasure, now one only keeps his or her treasure close to the heart and things close to our hearts or in our hearts are those we work upon. Things of the Heart can not easily be kept at bay or quenched, that is why is difficult or virtually impossible for one to stop loving because love stems from the heart. So then to be a doer of the Word is to Treasure the Word of God, keeping it in your heart and thus acting upon it daily as it leads on the Path of Righteousness.


It is Christmas Once Again and its important we know that Christ Birth was so we could attain salvation. Let celebrate to the pleasing of our Lord. Have A Blessed Day


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