Traditional "Marquesita" from Holbox. I was browsing through the pictures from our ...

... recent visit to Holbox and I stumbled upon this picture and realized that I forgot to share it.

This traditional dessert is very common and popular in this area of Mexico and if you're in town, you need to try it.

It's like the combination of a crepe and the cone of an icecream and you can fill it with anything you like. The most common choices are chocolate, Nutella and marmalade. But I encourage you to try it the traditional way with just cheese. Surprisingly they use Edam cheese known in the zone as "Queso de bola" (Ball cheese) but you can see that the cheese is just laying around in the cart, not refrigerated. And that gives the cheese an special flavour. You can buy the exact same cheese in other parts of Mexico and it wouldn't taste the same. So it's a unique experience that you should try.


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