THE Detour |A What-in-the-Living-Hell-is-Wrong-with-this-Family Comedy| Romatic Comedy Week..

If you love comedies with some extra drama then you will totally love this series. The episodes are short, approximately 30 mins which is unfortunate because it is such a humorous show. I started watching it some weeks back, and 4 seasons later, I am still loving following it. I love shows that make me laugh, I have such a high sense of humor that I amuse myself on some days :D



A what-in-the-living-hell-is-wrong-with-this-family comedy created by comic super-couple Jason Jones & Samantha Bee and inspired by their own experiences with family trips. Unfiltered dad Nate hits the road with wife Robin and kids Delilah and Jared. Every leg of their trip is fraught with disaster as they encounter one hellish turn after another. If there's trouble on the road, this family will find it and plow into it.

Sounds fun right? I love the drama, the romance, the humor is also out of this world. If you are looking for something fun to binge watch this weekend, then this is one TV Show I would highly recommend. Sucks that I had to wait this long to get on board, but I just never really thought it was this good. But you know what they say, better late than never right?



ION, this week's theme for Triple A reviews is Romantic Comedy. So if there's a movie or Series you'd like to recommend or review for the community then this would be a great time to jump right on it.I am sure there are rewards to be won, some AAA tokens I believe.

What are you Currently Watching & Loving?


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