3 STEEM DAPPS That I Absolutely Miss & Would Like to See Back on STEEM...

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Another bright and beautiful day out here and I thought I'd share a little bit with you guys on 3 steem dapps that I miss and somewhat wish to see them get active again on this blockchain.

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Hey again, funny how life works. I just met you on Voice’s new Instagram and now I find you here. Small world, blockchain is creating:)

06.12.2019 00:15

Spam to Steem - ewwww╳
DoucheMania - yuk! ╳
SteepShot - Yes.✔️

For me:
DDead was actually quite a good dapp.
SteemCards (something like that -- Steem <--> Amazon store card). Not a dapp, but a very useful service.

06.12.2019 13:15

WTF IS DDEAD? I must have missed that.How can anyone not like Dmania? Oh, that's right, people with zero sense of humor o.O

06.12.2019 13:17

Some people referred to DDead as DLive I guess. 🤷‍♂️

DMania was great, apart from that it was just people copying and pasting from Google Images. 99.99% plagiarism.

06.12.2019 13:21

oH, THAT D-DEAD :D Abit exhausted for sarcasm today ..

06.12.2019 13:32

I actually miss Share2steem a whole lot, it was an amazing dapp by all means. It's crazy how we just miss these dapps, dlive isn't really missed to be honest. Dmania was cool too but the people at the helm made it bad

07.12.2019 09:50