Direct Messaging Feature, WHEN? Effing When STEEM?

If there's one thing I have never understood about this blockchain, it's got to be why it's so difficult to have a Direct messaging Feature!

Today I found myself wanting to check on a couple of long lost Steem friends only to remember I probably would need to login to my discord account. I haven't been there for a hot minute and I am not sure I want to go back there, at least not now.

I don't know about you guys, but there's a sigh of relief when you keep away from discord.

Last I checked there seemed to be a lot of negative vibes and talk on most communities which is probably one of the big reasons why I stopped checking in as often as I did before.

I also noticed a few communities seemed fed up and even changed their names.

I mean, if you get in bad moods everytime you go on there, I figured it's best to just stay away altogther.

I digress, but I wanted to put that point across

So, as it is, seems like the only way to reach out to people is via memo or on their blog posts, but if they aren't posting they probably aren't even login on Steem in the first place. And now I have no absolute idea on where I am driving at, but my point is, **WHY THE EFF Is there No Direct Messaging Features on Front Ends?

I think the most favorable candidate would be

How Can We Call Ourselves a Social Media Platform When We Can't offer the Most Basic Social Media Feature?


Don't tell me about communities bla bla bla, sometimes we wanna have private conversations directly on the platform. Imagine how cool that would be.

Anyhu, Penny for your thoughts?

Happy Thurs! XO

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I tend to agree. I spent two years avoiding discord as I just didn't have the time to waste with that linear style of chat...I am there now, but not there you know? I'me very selective and really only use GINAbot.

It would be cool to have a chat feature here.

06.12.2019 06:15

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06.12.2019 06:21

O hope never. I get enough spam DMs as things are now :)

06.12.2019 13:05