You give to God and God gives you




God's prosperity plan always begins with an investment. God sets the first example by planting his Son Jesus Christ to reap great harvests of children for the kingdom of heaven.

God's prosperity plan includes blessing and abundance. This law requires in the divine order: faithfulness in the offering (seed) and service to God, which is rewarded with abundance, and that prosperity is continuous as long as faith and offerings are maintained.

God knows that you will reap according to what you give. The Lord wants us to expect a miracle at the time of harvest.

This great truth is confirmed in the Gospel of Luke:

Luke 6:38 New International Version (NIV)

Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, tight, shaken and overflowing will give in your lap; because with the same measure with which you measure, they will measure you again.

Our Lord Jesus Christ established a completely new way of giving. He gave himself to and for the needs of the people. We do not have to pay or offer sacrifices to receive refuge in the mercy of God. Jesus Christ has already paid our debt to God, and his cross is a sufficient and eternal work in our favor. Then, our donation or offer has ceased to constitute the payment of a debt; It is a seed that we sow! Life and the source of power come from Him. It is up to us to simply act on the potential power of that seed of life that God has placed in us through his power and grace!

Keep in mind that when Jesus said "Da," he also said: "And it will be given to you." Giving and receiving go hand in hand. Only by giving do we put ourselves in the position of waiting, receiving and reaping. And Jesus said that the harvest will be "good measure, tight, shaken and overflowing."

We give as if it were to God, and we receive from God; but we must remain attentive to the different ways God uses to deliver our harvest. I often say: "A miracle is coming or it happens to you every moment." Extend your hand and take it! Don't let it happen near you!

It may be that God's miracle for you comes as an idea, an opportunity, an invitation or a previously unknown and unidentified association. Stay alert and waiting for the ways in which God can decide to make a miracle arrive in due time (which, for you, may well be now).


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According to the Bible, How does the kingdom of heaven suffer violence as it is written in the Bible? (Part 1 of 4)

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Always God bless any entrepreneurship and more if we present it to you first. Pastor your reflection and comment are a source of inspiration, thank you very much.

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