What particular sin prevents the power of the Kingdom of God from flowing into the life of a Christian?




The word of God is a wonderful lamp that illuminates the path by which we have to travel in life. It is an exemplary guide that shows us the way in which we must enter the Kingdom of heaven. She tells us that "without peace or holiness no one can see the heavenly Father." For this reason, it is important to review our behavior and our attitude as Christians. If we really want to enter the Kingdom of God and experience the glory of its power in our lives, let's first review what is in our hearts, because many times we let accumulate resentment and a set of negative things that prevent us from experiencing communion with our God in the pleasant way. Among these negative aspects is the lack of forgiveness. We lock ourselves in the negative feelings of not wanting to forgive the mistakes they make against us. In this sense, this is so, that reluctance to forgive leads to hindering access to the Kingdom of God and its wonderful power (Mt 6: 5-15; Mk 11: 22-26).

The first person you probably haven't forgiven is yourself. Many need to forgive themselves more than anyone else. They are reluctant to forgive themselves and recognize that God said: "As far as the east is from the west, he has turned our rebellions from us" (Ps 103: 12). If you are a believer, the Lord has already cleansed your conscience of dead works, so that you can serve the living God (Heb 9:14). God cleanses us from sin, so that we serve without being disturbed by the feeling of past guilt. These must be dead, buried and forgotten.

"If our heart does not rebuke us," says the Bible, "we trust in God" (1 Jn 3:21). Obviously, we can't keep sinning and expect to be pedonados. We must get rid of conscious sin and rebellion against God. But if we walk in the light and on the path of forgiveness, the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ continually cleanses us from all sin (1 Jn 1: 7).

The second person we must "forgive", if we are bitter, is God himself. There are those who blame God for the death of a son, because the husband or wife abandoned him, because they got sick, because they don't earn enough money. Consciously or unconsciously accuse God of all these things. If there is a background of resentment, you cannot experience the power of the Kingdom that flows through your life; You must get rid of all resentment towards God.
That may require some introspection. You must ask yourself: "Am I blaming God for my situation?"

The third person to whom you must forgive may be a family member from whom you have moved away. Repels resentment, especially towards those closest to you. Husbands, wives, children, parents, everyone should be forgiven when small resentments arise within the family. Many say: "I didn't think that was important. For me it was just a family affair." All reluctance to forgive should be eliminated, especially towards another family member.

Finally, you must forgive anyone who has done something against you. Your resentment may be justified. It is possible that someone has done something terrible against you. You may have full rights and sufficient reasons to reject and hate that person. But if you want to see the life and power of the Kingdom flowing through your life, it is absolutely necessary that you learn to forgive.

Forgive to the point that you feel free from resentment and bitterness, and you can pray for those who have hurt you. If he does not, the reluctance to forgive will prevent the power of God from reaching him and filling his life. A miraculous life depends one hundred percent on the forgiveness that God grants you.

Forgiveness is the key to everything. There may be other sins, and if your heart accuses you of something else, neither, of course, will you feel confident before God. But it is the reluctance to forgive that often separates people from the Lord.


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