The impact of the greatest sin in the Kingdom of God




The invisible Kingdom of God was shaken by the greatest sin committed by one of the angelic beings created by God, which has negatively impacted all creation, both spiritual and natural.

The greatest of sins is pride, due to a number of reasons (Ps 59:12; Pr 8:13; 16:18). First, pride was the cause of Satan sinning the first time he disobeyed. Pride says: "I can do better than God," and Satan thought he could rule the universe better than its creator (Is 14: 12-14; Ez 28: 12-19). Second, pride inevitably leads to the sin of rebellion. Carrying out our own plans full of pride necessarily puts us in conflict with God's plan. That is why the Bible says: "God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble" (Stg 4: 6).

There is no way to remain neutral in the Kingdom. Or we are with Jesus or against him. The proud immediately turned against Him, because they have not renounced their lives, putting them at the service of their cause.

Finally, pride generates feelings of self-reliance, which makes us not willing to learn from God or other people. Jesus said to convert and leave as children (Mt 18: 3-4). These are safe and able to learn; They are always attentive to the teachings of the Father.

But the arrogant supposes that he knows everything and does not want to learn, while the blessings of the Kingdom are for those who implore them. If you don't ask, you don't receive.

The name of God reveals this truth. He is "I am who I am" (Ex 3:14). That I am The answer: the one that meets your needs. I am healing, wisdom, sanctification, provision, victory and salvation. Its great power extends to all as a blank check. You just have to fill the space according to our needs. You can only truly experience God when you understand that you need him. If we believe that we do not need anything, if we are totally self-sufficient, we leave no place for God in our lives. Therefore, pride deprives us of all the blessings of the Kingdom. Pride causes us to sin against God and against ourselves.


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Amen @elpastor pride is a very dangerous state for the human being, because it is known that for that cause one of the highest-ranking angels was thrown from God to the earth since God does not support pride.

14.12.2019 17:49