Prayer is a powerful weapon to fight on the spiritual level and requires perseverance and persistence, since the believer's struggle is against the armies of darkness that dominate the lives of the children of disobedience.

The spiritual battle is not a day, but it requires the perseverance of the believer and the intensity of the search and trust in God to obtain victory.

In chapter 12 of the book of Acts, the interesting story of King Herod's violence against the Lord's church is told, and his relentless hatred against the apostles Peter and James. In this conflict over evil, the church gives an example of persistent prayer that produced Peter's spiritual and physical liberation.

Herod symbolizes Satan's relentless attack against the church. Herod the Great had tried to kill Jesus; his son sent to kill John the Baptist; his grandson beheaded James, and now he had Peter imprisoned to kill him after Easter. At the same time that Peter suffered the chains, the church suffered with him, kneeling in prayer. Hour after hour, the believers agonized in prayer, and when they did everything they could do, God began to work. Suddenly, an angel "anesthetized" the 16 guards and released the chains to Peter. (But neither God nor his angel did what Peter could do for himself. The apostle had to put on his clothes, his sandals and follow the angel.) There was nothing to prevent the leak. An iron door opened from them; and sincere and persevering prayers brought the release of the apostle Peter. It's fun, but the only impediment that Pedro encountered was the gateway to his friends' house! And, even those who pray sometimes do not see or believe in the disposition with which God works when they raise their supplications.


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Very true @elpastor, to pray means to intercede and open what is closed means to intimidate with God to achieve our victory, it is through prayer that we can achieve our goals.

14.01.2020 23:49