The principle of wisdom is the fear of Jehovah. The Word teaches that if someone fears God, they must necessarily turn away from evil. How can I constantly live in the fear of God?

In this message we will share some relevant aspects that will help us to live in the fear of God.
There are several practical signs that indicate when you are living in the fear of the Lord.

Obedience to God's commandments.

The Lord has given us very specific commandments in His Word, and expects us to obey it regardless of circumstances or situations. No matter what others say to offer us an attractive "alternative plan" that sounds good to disobey God's commandments, we should never follow his advice.
Man's plans may seem to make sense, but the Lord tells us: β€œThere is a path that seems right to man; but its end is the way of death ”(Pr 14:12). The Word of God is very clear. The problem of most Christians is their lack of discernment in the case of God's norms regarding good and evil. They may know what is good and what is God's will for their lives, but they prefer to disobey it, which always leads to despair, frustration and suffering.

The desire to be like Jesus.

Those who truly love Jesus as their Lord and Savior will want to be like him. How did Jesus live? The Lord lived in complete obedience to his Father. He only did what the Father told him to do; and only said what the Father told him to say. What Jesus did is what we should do, not with our best abilities, but in obedience to the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to live as Jesus lived. Our responsibility is to ask you to guide, help, advise and allow us to obey.
The more we let the Holy Spirit work in us and through us, the more we can receive to live like Jesus.

A brave life.

Those who fear humanity and natural disasters suffer a fear that paralyzes them. On the other hand, those who fear the Lord with holy reverent fear find a value that moves them to act. God challenges his people to live with confidence and to respond with courage and courage in life. The "heroes of the faith" like Moses, Joshua and the apostles Peter and Paul faced incredible difficulties, but they emerged victorious thanks to the courage God gave them.
They learned the same lesson that led Esdra to say: "Strengthened by the hand of my God upon me" (Esd 7:28).


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22.12.2019 20:40

In His image we were created. Fear was never part of man's life. Thanks for reminding us of what we are in Christ.


23.12.2019 07:41