How can we handle feelings of guilt?




Most educators who believe that assessments are true or false as a useful tool to determine how much their students know.
Some people can discern the truth. Others reflect each question carefully until they recognize that they cannot identify with certainty what is right and what is the error.

How would you answer the following questions?

True or false? It is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to give us conviction of sin.

The answer is TRUE (Jn 16: 8). When we have sinned, the Holy Spirit will reveal our guilt. Why? Ask for God's forgiveness and allow him to restore a proper relationship of communion with him.

Of course, it is possible to sin for so long that feelings of shame and guilt fade away. Isaiah was amazed that his compatriots could create lifeless idols to worship them, without feeling shame (Is 44: 9-11). The apostle Paul said that people can wallow so much in their transgressions, that their consciences are cauterized (1 Timothy 4: 2). However, it is the job of the Holy Spirit, not of us, to convince people of their sin.

True or false? All feelings of guilt are the result of sin.

The answer is FALSE. We can feel guilty for several reasons. A wrong concept of God can make us feel shame, especially if we imagine it by carefully observing all our mistakes, pointing with the finger or making judgments from left to right.
In other cases, we could have a sense of false guilt without knowing why.
The New Testament proclaims: "There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus" (Ro 8: 1). Jesus came to take away our guilt (Is 53,10), and the full life of the Spirit is that we overflow with joy and peace.

Therefore, when you feel guilty, ask God if it is your Spirit that gives you conviction of sin or if it is a false guilt. If there is sin, God will reveal it to you so you can repent and turn away from sin. Remember that when you ask forgiveness, he is faithful and cleanses you from all sin (1 Jn 1: 9).

Part of the guilt we experience comes from having a wrong view of God. The enemy tempts us to believe that the Lord is a severe foreman who could not love us. The opposite is true. God is loving, compassionate and intimately involved in our lives. He is eternally committed to giving us his best and wants us to know how much he takes care of us. When Satan presents an accusation against you, point to the cross and remind him that you are a son or daughter of God forgiven and unconditionally loved for all eternity. Accept this truth: the Lord loves you. As soon as you do, let any feelings of false guilt dissipate.


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Very true @elpastor the holy spirit will lead us to all knowledge and all truth and it is a fact that when we sin sel makes us recognize our error.

19.12.2019 20:29