Following the example of Christ and the church as a model of relations between husband and wife




We all yearn for successful marriages, based on good human relationships and excellent communication and with the greatest dream of having healthy and intelligent children and destined to serve God.

To achieve all this, it is necessary to observe and learn in detail how Christ relates to the church. Christ as the divine husband serves as a model for the husband; The church serves as a model for women.

Let us then review what the Scriptures tell us:

Married women are subject to their own husbands, like the Lord; because the husband is the head of the woman, just as Christ is the head of the church, which is her body, and He is her Savior (Ephesians 5: 22-23).

The specific instructions that the apostle Paul gives to husbands and wives constitute a glimpse of the relationship between Christ and his church: a celestial model for every earthly marriage.

How should I drive with my wife? Look at Christ, the Divine Husband, in his relationship with the church: he loves her, he sacrifices himself for her, he is attentive to his interests, he takes care of her; Be as sensitive to your needs and what makes you suffer, as it is with the members of your own body.

In turn, the wife must ask herself: how should I behave with my husband? Look at the chosen bride, the church, in her relationship with Christ; Respect him, recognize that he is called to be the "boss" of the family, respond positively to his leadership, listen to him, compromise him, remain united in purpose and will with him; Be a real help (Gen 2:18).

No husband and wife can do this by trusting only in their willpower or resolve, but since you are the work of God (like your marriage, Ephesians 2: 8-10), the Lord will help you achieve it.


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Amen @elpastor, marriage should always be guided by God so that things together take the direction that God desires and do not work according to their opinions in addition to the behavior of both is an example of Jesus with the church.

23.01.2020 01:49